Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jump Right in!

Carol Lee is my mom and she is awesome. She is empowering. She is the eldest of 7, stubborn, strong willed and till this day, I believe she can do anything in the world. Her light and her aura is so grand, it took me 23 years to learn that she was only 5'2.

She has instilled in me something invaluable. And that is a fearlessness and an ability to jump right into a deep end and not drown. Whether you know how to swim or not. You will float to the top. I'm just a kid from St. Louis who was never taught that things were impossible. Impossible to me just means it's never been done before. The word can't had no power or place in the Lee residence. It just didn't make sense like Gz%e\ye doesn't make sense. It doesn't register. My brain can't digest it. I'm a Can'titarian.

Most people don't start something because they're afraid that they will fail, therefore, failing a mission they haven't even tried. Talk talk talk talk and when the door of opportunity arises, they're still talking about what they're going to do. And that door closes and they're still talking waiting on the next door. But sometimes when that door opens you just gotta go through. Shoes untied, belt unbuckled and a wrinkled shirt. What the person outside 'talking' doesn't realize is that even if while in this door of opportunity, things don't go as smoothly as planned. Or it turns out it's much harder than you thought and you start to second guess whether or not you should have come through when you did. There is always another door or a hallway or a vent that opens along the way. But you can't see that from the stoops outside talking to yourself. You gotta get in there. And behind another door is someone else in a hallway trying to figure out how to get to another elevator shaft. They see you, and you plan together. Then you run into more people figuring shit you and you're right there with them. Navigating this crazy Land of Can.

The door is open now and you are where you are now for a reason. If you believe you are ready enough you are ready enough. If you believe you can you can.

Think about it like this. God wouldn't even let you SEE that door if you weren't ready to go through. It's as simple as that. The door has probably been there for awhile now, you just didn't see it yet. You didn't have the right people in your life yet. You didn't have the right life experiences or hardships yet. You hadn't gone through the proper training camp yet. But now that you see it, you've got to trust that you see it for a reason. And don't let your fears and other people's fears get in your way.

In closing - holla at your boy
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