Monday, August 24, 2009


I'm a boss. Yeah, I said it and I'm proud of it. I think I always knew it, but sometimes I forget. And sometimes, the Man Upstairs reminds me just how boss you are.

Over the past 2 years, As an actor I've been up for a lot of really good projects. Came close to a lot of them and got disappointed when I didn't get them. Thought these were 'career changing' roles. But alas, just wasn't my time.

But every time I missed on a film, I went back home and worked on my own thing. Worked on my own scripts and projects and ideas. I tried my hardest not to let self-doubt and fear set in because they will knock on your door as soon as you let them know you're lonely. So every time I missed on a project, like clockwork, something else popped up. Produce a tv show here. Do a voice over there. Get inspiration for a script here. So here it is, a couple years after I didn't get cast in a film that I thought would have changed my career. And I'm now producing a script that I wrote during that time frame. And I wrote myself a part in it. So the person who decides if I get the role is none other than yours truly. And I think I'll give myself the role.

My boy J.R. said it perfectly. "Some people are meant to come into the game as workers. And some are meant to come in as bosses". What are you? Either one is fine? But which one are you? I came into the game hoping that a casting director would hire me. Now, I hired a casting director to cast my film. See how that works?

You may think you want something. But God has bigger and better plans for you that you haven't even thought about. Your dreams are nothing but goals with plans. Simple as that. And when the breakdown for my film came out today it gave me a friendly reminder. I'm a boss.

J Lee
-whether you think you can or cannot. You are right

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