Friday, February 06, 2009

On a positive note

I just read the last few of my blogs. I said 'whew...that boy J Lee is angry' lol. Nah, just had some things on my mind, folks. So getting back on the positive side of positivity, I decided to come back and do a little lighter blog. Something happy. Smile for the camera.

I was cast in a new film and will be heading to northern California next month to shoot. Should be a good time. It's a scary movie and if you know me, I don't even watch scary movies. But it'll be cool to be a part of one that's well done. Plus, my boy Gary lives up there so on my off days, I'll go up and hoop out the cats at his 24 hour fitness. J Lee AKA 'dribble drive', AKA 'no, you guard him', AKA 'where do you play ball?'. And on Monday, I'll be going back in for the new Cleveland show (spin off of Family Guy) to record the voice for my character, Rod.

What else, what else. Finished about 3 other scripts and they're making the rounds in Hollywood. I feel like 2009 is starting to shape out pretty cool. A lot of the stuff I was working on last year is finally starting to sprout. AND, I have one project in particular that...if it goes through, your boy J Lee will be quite a happy camper. I'm talking, first round's on me. No matter what city you're in. I'll fly there, and first round is on me.

Ok. That's it. I'm out.

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