Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Do you love America? Really?

American Flag

Today is Jan 20th, 2009 and we just inaugurated the 44th President of The United States of America. Barrack Hussein Obama. It is a proud moment in not just our lives, but lives spread across the entire world. Truly it is. And the fact that this great man was sworn in as the 1st Black man to be the Head Of State, a day after Martin Luther King's holiday, is just an added bonus.

But I got some things on my chest that I need to get off. To all of those people who didn't vote for President Obama. For Fox News, who were openly biased and racist during the entire election coverage who who immediately after his inauguration tried to let us know the 'problems' in President Obama's speech, for the teachers and institutions who punish people for wearing Barack Obama T-Shirts to school And kicking kids off of school buses for saying President Obama's name this next part is for you.

When does your difference in opinion over the man who is now our leader, become disrespectful? And furthermore, unpatriotic? You pride yourselves so much on being American and how much you love America, but you ride the line of utter insolence, so much so, that you actually don't even deserve to call yourself an American. So many Americans stood by our country and our President(s) during some of the worst things in history. Wars, economic hardships, bailouts, hate crimes, civil rights, slavery and the list goes on and on. You name it, we stood by and dealt with it. But we still stood with the tag and pride of calling ourselves American. Now, we have a very qualified and important man ready to lead our nation through the bulls***t the last one dealt us, and you STILL won't give the man the respect he's due. How can YOU call yourself American. To those people, you're even more of a hypocrite than that word will allow. To those who were all about the war and keeping America safe from those terrorists; you wanted us to shut up and ride or die with the President. It was Un-American if you didn't. And now, because you're afraid of change and you're afraid of what American REALLY is (a nation of nations), you want to pout like a little bitch and continue to turn your back. Well guess what. You're a part of the problem. Not the solution, my friend. Mind you, I don't mind if you voted against the man or who you voted for. And you might have problems with him. He's not perfect by any means. But at some point you need to get on the bus or get the f*** out of the way because we don't have time to go back and teach you that the ways of the old days are long gone and change is inevitable. And you know what, whether you like it or not, Preisdent Barack Obama is YOUR president too. So shut the f*** up, pay your taxes, and for God's sake, quit being a hypocrite and respect the man in charge. Period. That, or get the f*** out.


"When Black will not be asked to get back.
When Brown can stick around.
When Yellow will be mellow.
When the Red Man can get ahead, man.
And when White will embrace what's right.
Let all those who do justice and love mercy say Amen. Say Amen. And Amen!"
'Reverend Lowery during President Barack Obama's Benedection

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