Friday, November 14, 2008

Me and My President...

Have something in common. And's not the fact that we're both black.'s not the fact that we both have swag (ha).

It's the fact, that we can relate on a level that just can't be expressed by words. Just glancing at this picture brings such a huge smile to my face that I had to write this blog. Black men know...the barbershop is like a temple. A home away from home. And the fact that I can go up to the mutha f****n' president of the United States and ask if he uses Andi's T liners or the regular ones, and he knows what I'm talking about makes me wanna jump for joy.

True story. I was actually looking at Barack's line up on election night and joking with my friends about how sharp his lining was. And Black folks know what it's like to be 'misunderstood'. We know what it's like to be the 'only black person' in a corporate room full of White people. We know what it feels like to 'be on our best behavior' because sometimes they just don't get us. But HE gets it. He knows what it's like to sit in that chair and talk about the ins and outs of the hood. Talk about who just got a new car or who just went off to college or jail. 'Cause that's the kind of conversations that go on in the barbershops. F*** politics. F*** parties. You have no choice but to be yourself and be natural when you're sitting in that chair and that barber takes that brush and brushes off the hair. Then he swoops off that cape, hands you a mirror and says "what chu think?". And at some point, me, Barack and every other black man that's ever had a haircut has said 'Can you take a little more off the top'

Haha. If you don't feel me, you ain't gonna feel me. But if you feel feel me.

"My President is black. My lambo's blue. And I'll be God d****d if my rims ain't too"
-Young Jeezy


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