Monday, August 18, 2008

Surround yourself...

With people who inspire you. I just had a GREAT meeting with one of the most successful and influential TV producers in Hollywood. Why? Because I wanted to sit down and talk to somebody who's gotten somewhere I'm trying to get. So instead of sitting at the bottom of the hill and telling myself it's going to take forEVER to get up there. I went to the top, and asked somebody who's got a nice lil piece of land up there, how he did it.

And it was cool. We sat back, laughed, joked, and he gave me some very insightful information on this crazy crazy industry. My mom used to say the CRAZIEST things to me when I moved out. Stuff like, "Why don't you call Will Smith! He's somebody who could help you out." Really, ma? You can't just dial up Will Smith and talk to him. But, there's something very motivational in that. Because she's actually kind of right. There's nothing wrong with seeking out help and advice from people who can give it. And people WANT to give it. People WANT to help. That's what I've learned. But you have to take a very strong and forceful stance on your career and be proactive at all times.

Holla dolla!!

"Birds of a feather, flock together"

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Wow. The movie business is a craaaazy business. This script deal has been one of the most frustrating events for me. You would think that I'd be in a state of pure bliss and happiness because of the deal. And I was...last September 2007! Since then, negotiations and meetings and more meetings to negotiate a new meeting have taken the wind out of my sales. I'm just waiting on my check at this point lol.

It'd be like this: You get hired to work at your FAVORITE establishment. Let's just're hired as the Regional director for Gucci. You get paid $150K per year and you get an 80% discount at EVERY store in the world. And you only have to work 35 hours a week. Sounds great, right? So you go in and sign paperwork agreeing to work. Then, you start working but your first month, you don't get paid. You think...okay, no biggie. Probably still have to get my info into the system. It's a big contract etc etc etc. So the 2nd month, you still don't get paid. So you're definitely getting frustrated at this point, but your manager is saying 'don't worry, it's coming. Call first thing in the morning'. So...this goes on for another month. It's month 3 now, right? Now, you're frustrated. You've gone 3 months without getting paid. And in order to use your discount, you need a paycheck stub. So you can't even use your incredible discount. And you didn't go off and get another job because, you thought you already had a dope gig.

LAST straw, right? You storm into your manager's office and say 'Hey..where's my damn check?! I ain't playin no more! I've been patiently waiting.' He says 'yeah, there was just a small mixup in accounting. Thanks for being so patient. I have your check in my car. I'm going to go get that now. No problem'. So you sit there with your chest puffed out, feeling good. Taking charge. Gimmie MY damn money, right? 10, 15, 20 minutes go by and the manager doesn't come back. You call his cell and he says 'oh, I actually have to pick it up from the west side building. Call first thing in the morning and I'll deliver it to you'

Now, you've stopped even looking around the store for all the s*** you were GOING to buy with your dope discount. You're struggling to pay rent, 'cause you thought you were getting paaaaid, you've got a rash 'cause you're stressed out, and you drop your phone down an elevator shaft...all hypothetical of course. But it's coming....we're just waiting on...

Confirming a confirmed confirmation...


'Now what I look like?
And if it ain't money, then I don't look right'


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