Friday, March 21, 2008

Me and my pops

So check dad came out to Los Angeles a few weeks ago to give his daughter away in marriage. After the wedding, he spent some time out at her house and then came to spend a couple weeks at my place.

It's so funny how life works itself out sometimes. Growing up, my pops wasn't really around. But now, as an adult (who's about to have another birthday this Sunday) me and my pops are sitting here drinking some brews and watching March Madness highlights.

But we're having a blast. Sharing some laughs. Sharing some memories. And if you had asked me when I was a little kid, and I didn't want my weekend visits to ever end, if I'd be sitting here with one of my best friends drinking a beer....and that that best friend would be my dad; I would have thought you were crazy.

Anyway. Don't want to get all mushy. Love my pops. Love my moms. I have great parents. And that's it. Holla


Pops and J

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