Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I was driving in LA the other day and passed a new movie poster. The light slowly turned yellow. And then red. And then I looked over at the move poster and had a small revelation. And it's funny how these things happen sometimes. Sometimes, God shows us ourselves in such a clear and pure way that we can't ignore it. And this happened to me at that light.

Looking at that poster, I re-realized my purpose as an artist. And that is to entertain. Period.
In LA, it is so easy to get lost in the hustle and shuffle. And trying to get to the top and make as much money as possible. But along that hustle route, sometimes you forget the reason you're doing it. I love movies. I loved movies before I decided to dedicate my life to the entertainment industry. And there are millions of people who have normal lives, and find their release in movies. And it is my duty to provide that. Not because of the money. Not because of the fame. But because that is my God given talent. And all of the other stuff will come. And come abundantly. I had to remind myself of that. I looked at that poster and just wanted to see that movie. I didn't care who I knew in that film. Or who produced it. Or who casted that and how I missed out on that audition. I just wanted to see it.

Another year is winding down. 2008 and 2009 is within sneezing distance. If you read my blogs, you know I don't do new year's resolutions. I do 'to do' lists. And at the top of my 2009 to do list will be this. Entertain. All things will fall under that umbrella. Believe that.

J Lee

Friday, November 14, 2008

Me and My President...

Have something in common. And no...it's not the fact that we're both black. No...it's not the fact that we both have swag (ha).

It's the fact, that we can relate on a level that just can't be expressed by words. Just glancing at this picture brings such a huge smile to my face that I had to write this blog. Black men know...the barbershop is like a temple. A home away from home. And the fact that I can go up to the mutha f****n' president of the United States and ask if he uses Andi's T liners or the regular ones, and he knows what I'm talking about makes me wanna jump for joy.

True story. I was actually looking at Barack's line up on election night and joking with my friends about how sharp his lining was. And Black folks know what it's like to be 'misunderstood'. We know what it's like to be the 'only black person' in a corporate room full of White people. We know what it feels like to 'be on our best behavior' because sometimes they just don't get us. But HE gets it. He knows what it's like to sit in that chair and talk about the ins and outs of the hood. Talk about who just got a new car or who just went off to college or jail. 'Cause that's the kind of conversations that go on in the barbershops. F*** politics. F*** parties. You have no choice but to be yourself and be natural when you're sitting in that chair and that barber takes that brush and brushes off the hair. Then he swoops off that cape, hands you a mirror and says "what chu think?". And at some point, me, Barack and every other black man that's ever had a haircut has said 'Can you take a little more off the top'

Haha. If you don't feel me, you ain't gonna feel me. But if you feel me...you feel me.

"My President is black. My lambo's blue. And I'll be God d****d if my rims ain't too"
-Young Jeezy


Sunday, October 05, 2008

Thanks for everything, OJ!

OJ Simpson was just convicted for 12 different counts dating back to a kidnapping incident back in 2007. And in an extreme case of irony, he was sentenced exactly 13 years later to the day of his infamous 'murder trial', in which he was found non guilty.

Similar, but nowhere near as harsh, to his last trial...everybody has an opinion on whether or not OJ should have been found guilty. Stating that this is nothing but payback for what happened 13 years ago in the 'Trial Of The Century'. Saying that his 'luck' ran out. Here is what I think:

OJ Simpson served his purpose. Whether he knew he was doing it or not, he did. Whether he was guilty or not back in 1995, he proved that sometimes, just SOMETIMES, a black man can get a break in a flawed judicial system. I remember being a freshman in high school, an all white boys high school at that, in the lunch room when they announced the verdict. The entire school stopped everything they were doing because at that moment, that trial was so much bigger than OJ Simpson. It was clearly about Race at that point. White people VS. Black People round # 1 million and counting. But this time, it went 'our' way. A black man got off the hook. And I stood up and remember distinctly that all eyes were on me. Like I was OJ Simpson myself. People were genuinely pissed off. And I'm talking 14 -18 year olds. Teenagers who really didn't even understand why they were mad in the first place. But that trial exposed just how racist and angry our country was at the time. Hatred and tensions spread like wildfires across the country. And, in a rare display, the shoe was on the other foot. I can go on and on about how black folks feel like they've been given the short end of the stick in trial cases from the 1600's all the way to now, but that's not the point. OJ Simpson was pivotal in shedding light on just how racist people were (are).

All that being said...the man is an idiot. 13 years later, he's still caught up in mess. Can't seem to sit his dumb butt down and be thankful he hasn't been in prison the last 13 years. Trying to make a quick buck trying to write books that are so inappropriate and disrespectful (If I Did It). The man just doesn't get it. And whether it stemmed from 1995 or not, OJ finally got what he just couldn't seem to avoid. And I'm not going to sit up here and blame it on race or revenge and all of that. OJ should have sat his a$$ down somewhere and not have gotten himself into aNOTHER predicament. But didn't work like that and here we are now. Set back, once again, dealing with the same issues that seem to never go away. Race.

And, this happens at SUCH an important time period for all people of color. In less than a month, we will be a part of the biggest election of our lives when Barack Obama runs against John McCain for the presidency of the United States of America on Nov 4th. This idea, this dream of a black man running this country started out as just a whisper. But now, people are realizing that this could be a reality. But the idea is still so very fragile that we (And I don't just mean Black folks. I mean WE as in people who really care about the state of this country and want to see some positive change) don't need any distractions. So many people are against this that any ammunition will be taken and blown out of proportion.

And as I write this, I'm thinking how can I even reference the two in the same blog. And the answer is simple: It's because, we still live in an era and country that associates the negative images of black people to the collective whole. And every time OJ pops up on the television for doing something stupid, some person in some small, non segregated town (yes, they still have those) says "see. I told you". And it's unwanted distraction from the greatness that is going on right now. OJ's like a rash that won't go away. Every time you think you've got it cured, it pops right back up.

I've digressed slightly. OJ. at 61, you're an older man. And you're going to probably spend the rest of your life in prison. And I feel bad for you. Because I couldn't imagine going to prison at that age. Hell, any age. But, after I was acquitted back in 1995, you probably wouldn't have ever heard from me again. Because I would have counted my blessings. Packed my stuff up and faded to black. And everybody would have been left wondering, what happened to J Lee. But not you, OJ. Not you.

"N***a forgot to duck"
-Denzel Washington as 'Trip' in Glory

"And though it seems Heaven sent
we ain't ready, to have a Black President
-2 Pac - 1991

"America surprise us
and let a Black man guide us"
Yes we can
Change the world"
-Nas - 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Being Broke Makes You Sleepy

You ever notice that? That being broke makes you dog tired? I've been researching this phenomenon for the past few months to figure out why this is. It is quite fascinating, actually.

When you don't have any money (cake, cheese, guap, moolah, bread, funds, cheddah, beaucoup bucks, dough,) you can't do s***. You can't go out to eat. You can't go shopping. You can't go to the movies. And if you do, before you even go to the place you're trying to go SPEND the money you don't have, you gotta put gas in your car. So you're stuck at the house. Stuck at the house thinking of all the stuff you can't do. Or thinking about when your next paycheck is gonna come in. And that's no fun. Nobody wants to do that. That's absolutely horrible. So what do you do? You sit down and watch a lil television. Sports Center. Oprah. Ellen. Judge Judy. Then, this is when the magic happens. After doing nothing physically straining at all, all of a sudden you feel tired. You feel like you've done a full days worth of work. And your eyes get tired. Your brain is tired about thinking about the money you don't have. So it needs a mini vacation. Just a quick reboot. And the nap is here before you know it.

Then you wake up from your nap confused and looking at the bottom of your glass to see who put something in it. But there's nothing in your glass. Just like there's nothing in your wallet. Which, is why you're tired.

That's it. I'm about to go take a quick lil power nap.

Friday, September 12, 2008

New Pic

Here's a couple still photos of my character from the new Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade! And dig this, I played the character of the bouncer who wouldn't let Fred and Barney into the club lol. Check back later to find out when my episode airs on sethcomedy.com


Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Last night, I went to the premiere party for Seth MacFarlane's new Cavalcade show I was blessed enough to do some Voice Over work for the show (they actually drew the character to look like me...will add pic soon). The site launched today and they will be premiering new episodes weekly. Don't think my skit is up yet, but keep checking in. You can see them at http://www.sethcomedy.com/
But the party was good. They had press there and I was asked to do an interview. I was sippin and tippin a lil bit so we'll see how that came out lol. Blame the open bar! But all and all, it was a good night

And tomorrow, I'll be participating in the new 'Cleveland Show' table read with my boy Mike Henry (co-creator and executive producer) , Nia Long, Sanaa Lathan, and Kevin Michael Richardson.

The picture below is of myself and Andy Tauke, editor of the Cavalcade shows.

"I don't like it unless it's brand new"
-Kanye West

Friday, September 05, 2008

R.I.P to the CLUB

So...I've decided that I'm over the club scene. The scene I used to watch over and over every weekend has now gotten played out and I'm finally hanging up my traditional club clothes.

A buddy of mine just moved out to LA from the crib, and of course, he wanted to go out and kick it and I wasn't even remotely excited like I used to be. Now, me being here for a little bit, have gotten used to the bullshit that runs ramped out here. And it sucks major balls, but if you don't have some kind of hookup out here, you're not going to have a good time. But, I decided to take him out to this spot up the street anyway. And I had the worst time ever.

Listen, If you don't have a hookup or some cheese to drop on table service, your night is pretty much going to go as follows:
You and your boys start getting dressed. Ironing clothes, putting on cologne, shaving. Maybe have a pre drink at the crib and you hit the streets to pull some premium babes. You get to the club and drive right pass the valet, because no way you're paying $20 to valet your Kia. And you decide to park way down the street, double check the parking signs, and head towards the club. Now you might not know it, but this is about as much fun as you're going to have all night. Walking up to the club with your boys and your high aspirations and your jokes and your promising night...

Back to reality... you get to the club. See that there are two lines, but neither one of them are moving. Just a mob of scantily clad women texting and pulling each other to the front saying 'it's just us four girls'. Nevertheless, you pick a line, and go stand in it. Now you're in line, looking at all the women who don't even notice you and your raggedy friends, and you just can't WAIT to get inside. Meanwhile, people are flowing in right pass the velvet rope because they 'know' somebody. But still, you don't let this cramp your style. After an hour, you finally make your way to the front and the bouncer places his hand on your chest and demands to know what list you're on. You reply "umm, nobody's I guess. Me and my fellas just want to hang out..." He cuts you off without eye contact "Twenty bucks each". You look back at your compadres and give them a look of reassurance with undertones of 'don't worry guys. Just a minor setback. It's gonna be so much fun when we get inside! Trust me'. So you guys shell out $100 for you and your four friends to get inside. You get inside and now, it's on! You guys look around, let the beat fill your body, and your smile comes back to you.

Now, you've convinced yourself that you got your 'swag' back. You do the typical walk through the club with your awkward bouncing and acting like whatever song is on is your favorite to get any type of female eye contact you can muster and prolonging your 'arrival'. After that failed attempt at exposure, you look to your cast mates and suggest a round of drinks.

So now you make your way to the overly crowded bar. Push and shove your way to the front and pay another $50-$60 bucks for a round of drinks. You guys take a couple sips and it's back to for another walk thru. Again, getting no results. Now at this point, your drinks are gone and you've gotten no bites on your bait. Suggestion. ANOTHER ROUND OF DRINKS! Back to the bar you go, THIS time you guys decided to go ahead and get a shot as well. Can't get courage without courage juice! So fork over another $90 bucks for a round of drinks and shots.

At this point, it's starting to get kind of packed in the club and if you're going to make a move, it's gotta be now. Crunch time. And you have finally added enough 'crunk juice' to hit the only place you'll probably get any type of attention; the dance floor. And it's HILARIOUS and SAD at the same time how this next portion works. But you dance in a circle with your buddies, doing the traditional 2-step. And occasionally you'll flash a stupid ass looking smile at any chick that looks your way. If that doesn't get the job done, you'll go up to a chick who you've been watching for the past 20 minutes who's dancing with her girls and sneak up behind her and begin to bump your pelvis against her butt. And if she DOESN"T turn around with disgust and/or walk away, you've successfully made contact. But you're not in the clear yet, because her friend is in front of her urging her to 'hurry up' because she's just the type of friend who can't stand when her overly mediocre friend dances with more overly mediocre guys than she. So your best chance of scoring has now been pulled away from you and lost in the sea of club-goers. And you feel bad, even though you've only seen the back of her big ass head and grabbed her hips for a millisecond. But for that brief moment...you found action. You won. you did it.

Lights flash. Last call. Desperation time. Now, it's like you're at the drive-thru at popeyes hoping for anything with a breast and a leg. But you don't even get that. 'Cause the premiums have already left and you're looking at the bottom of the barrels. And to add irony to it, one of your boys has all of a sudden gotten 'over it' and now wants to go home so he can call his girlfriend he forgot he had when he was talking about banging a new chick earlier that night.

Eventually you leave, shirts wrinkled and untucked, smelling like tequila, sweat, and what used to be cologne, and walk way back down to your car. Another one of your boys offers some last minute evaluation saying "the girls in there weren't even that tight!" And you all try to believe that bulls***. You guys pile in the car and turn it on and realize that the music is up WAY to high and you wonder how in the f***k you were listening to it that loud in the first place. But the passenger turns down the music and you guys ride home in silence. Defeated. Game Over. You lose.

And while lying in your bed that night, you suddenly realize that you spent way to much money on some watered down drinks, the DJ played the same damn singles that you're tired of hearing on the radio, and you've got to go to Church in the morning. But there's always next week. You'll get another shot at the champ next week. Just get through that work week and it can all be yours.

Moral of the story. Change your reasoning for going out. Going out with your friends just to dance and have a couple of drinks and fellowship: Great. Going out and searching for something you can pump in the next 48 hours: Creepy.


"I hit the club with a b-boy stance, the club owner like...
who the f*** is that."

Monday, August 18, 2008

Surround yourself...

With people who inspire you. I just had a GREAT meeting with one of the most successful and influential TV producers in Hollywood. Why? Because I wanted to sit down and talk to somebody who's gotten somewhere I'm trying to get. So instead of sitting at the bottom of the hill and telling myself it's going to take forEVER to get up there. I went to the top, and asked somebody who's got a nice lil piece of land up there, how he did it.

And it was cool. We sat back, laughed, joked, and he gave me some very insightful information on this crazy crazy industry. My mom used to say the CRAZIEST things to me when I moved out. Stuff like, "Why don't you call Will Smith! He's somebody who could help you out." Really, ma? You can't just dial up Will Smith and talk to him. But, there's something very motivational in that. Because she's actually kind of right. There's nothing wrong with seeking out help and advice from people who can give it. And people WANT to give it. People WANT to help. That's what I've learned. But you have to take a very strong and forceful stance on your career and be proactive at all times.

Holla dolla!!

"Birds of a feather, flock together"

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Wow. The movie business is a craaaazy business. This script deal has been one of the most frustrating events for me. You would think that I'd be in a state of pure bliss and happiness because of the deal. And I was...last September 2007! Since then, negotiations and meetings and more meetings to negotiate a new meeting have taken the wind out of my sales. I'm just waiting on my check at this point lol.

It'd be like this: You get hired to work at your FAVORITE establishment. Let's just say...you're hired as the Regional director for Gucci. You get paid $150K per year and you get an 80% discount at EVERY store in the world. And you only have to work 35 hours a week. Sounds great, right? So you go in and sign paperwork agreeing to work. Then, you start working but your first month, you don't get paid. You think...okay, no biggie. Probably still have to get my info into the system. It's a big contract etc etc etc. So the 2nd month, you still don't get paid. So you're definitely getting frustrated at this point, but your manager is saying 'don't worry, it's coming. Call first thing in the morning'. So...this goes on for another month. It's month 3 now, right? Now, you're frustrated. You've gone 3 months without getting paid. And in order to use your discount, you need a paycheck stub. So you can't even use your incredible discount. And you didn't go off and get another job because, you thought you already had a dope gig.

LAST straw, right? You storm into your manager's office and say 'Hey..where's my damn check?! I ain't playin no more! I've been patiently waiting.' He says 'yeah, there was just a small mixup in accounting. Thanks for being so patient. I have your check in my car. I'm going to go get that now. No problem'. So you sit there with your chest puffed out, feeling good. Taking charge. Gimmie MY damn money, right? 10, 15, 20 minutes go by and the manager doesn't come back. You call his cell and he says 'oh, I actually have to pick it up from the west side building. Call first thing in the morning and I'll deliver it to you'

Now, you've stopped even looking around the store for all the s*** you were GOING to buy with your dope discount. You're struggling to pay rent, 'cause you thought you were getting paaaaid, you've got a rash 'cause you're stressed out, and you drop your phone down an elevator shaft...all hypothetical of course. But it's coming....we're just waiting on...

Confirming a confirmed confirmation...


'Now what I look like?
And if it ain't money, then I don't look right'


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sign Here Mr. Lee!

So I'm officially official! As of yesterday, I...J Lee, signed my first movie deal! After months of negotiations and lawyer and manager talk, I FINALLY signed the deal for my script. We're working with Overbrook Entertainment and the script is bananas!!

So now, it's back to the lab to make this project as hot as possible. But now, ya boy is official. I'll write more at a later date.

But in other news, I just got off the phone with my nephew and found out he was held at gunpoint during a robbery last night. My nephew, 18, works at a little store for the summer and a guy came in and held him hostage. Took him to the back to the manager's office and robbed the place. I talked to him today and he sounded like he was okay. I'm just thankful that nothing happened. Because I'd be on the 1st thing smoking to St. Louis looking for that cat. But life is short people. You never know what can happen to you so tell the people you love that you love them. And the people you haven't talked to in awhile, call them. Because you never know what life throws at you.

Darreon Graduation

"I'm looking at you people different,
I paid my dues, you can keep the difference'

-Lil Wayne

Sunday, June 08, 2008


Man...I was fortunate enough to go to the Kanye West "Glow In The Dark Concert" last night. First, let me start by saying..our seats were absolutely ridiculous. Staples Center. 30 thousand plus. Floor Seats. Center. 10 rows back. And that was my first big concert experience, so the bar is raised pretty high as for as experiences go. Lupe Fiasco, N.E.R.D, and Rianna opened up for Kanye.

Kanye's performance was so dope. I've always been a K West fan, but after seeing his show live, and really hearing him spit the lines he spits in person along with seeing his energy. I became a fan again.

On the music tip, I can really relate to a lot of the stuff he says. Look, people, when you're as passionate about something as a person like Kanye is...there's nothing anyone can do to knock you off your path. Like Lil Weezy said "Coach, they won't knock me off my pivot, forget it".

I always say "I can't knock your hustle". Even if it's something I don't agree with, if you're hustling with a passion doing something you really love, I can't knock it. A lot of people have opinions about what I do and how I should do it. But when you're focused, I mean REALLY focused, it doesn't matter what people think. Because you see something they don't. And you may not have time to stop and explain it, but you'll eventually show them.

Kanye performed "I Wonder". And the hook goes ..."and I wonder if you know what it means, to find your dreams". If you watched him perform and his passion and listened to the words, you actually SAW what it looked like for a person to have their dream. He is doing what he absolutely LOVES to do and gets paid for it. That's a goal all people strive to achieve. I am on that same path. Times get tough. Things are never as easy as planned, but at the end of the day...I love what I do. And I think everybody should do the same.

In closing, I came across this video of Kanye. Whether you like him or not, just listen to what he's saying and realize that when you're on your grizzy like you should be, and you BELIEVE in yourself like you should...you can't be stopped.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Am I in the right place?!


We all keep searching for them. Searching and searching and searching, and a lot of times, you don't really see them when you want to see them. Right now, I'm looking around and I don't see any results. No extra results on my bookshelf. Didn't hang any results on the wall. Didn't get a tattoo of my latest result on my arm. Nope. Looks like I've got no results.

But I have to look deeper. I've done a lot of good things since coming to LA. And the thing I've realized is that you don't become a success overnight. If you're serious about this thing, you have to go at it hard 150%, regardless of the immediate result. Keyword: Regardless. You've got to do the thing you love and know in your soul and body that your success will stem from that.

When I was working at Family Guy, we used to spend part of our lunch break playing Halo in the conference room. And when I finally decided to take the leap of faith and leave FG to pursue my career full time, they got me this poster and everybody signed it. I went back and looked at what some of the people said and it honestly brought tears to my eyes. See, when your back is against the wall, the first thing one wants to do is self reflect. And sometimes, this lil' bastard called 'doubt' finds his way inside. (And he comes with two other unwelcomed guests ; Fear and Disbelief...see previous blog) And in that doubt, you start to doubt the things that got you this far. Doubt if you're good enough, Doubt if you're strong enough. Doubt if you're talented enough. But you can't let doubt be the only one in your ear coaching. Reading those comments made me realize that even if I forget to believe in myself and my talent and journey at hand, OTHER people have not. And if other people see the flame, it's up to me to make sure it never goes out.

So, I guess what I'm trying to say is to never let your flame burn out. If it gets low, go back to the basics and to what ignited that flame. And reaffirm to yourself that you're doing the right thing and you're in the right place.

"If you are what you say you are, a superstar, then have no fear
the camera's here and the lights are on, and they want a show'
-Lupe Fiasco


Friday, April 18, 2008

We finally...

Got it!

Will explain more later.


Sunday, March 23, 2008

My happiness...

...is not dependent by yours.

My birthday was about a week ago and I had one helluva self-reflection day. The day started off great. My father went to church with me, Easter Sunday, and that was a miracle in itself. That was the 1st time that my father and I had been to church together. Ever. The last time we were in the same church was when my grandmother, his mom, passed away. And that was almost 15 years ago.

I had a long conversation with my older sister about how we are the way we are. Your parents are such a strong influence on the people you are today and it's astonishing once you realize it. And what I have inherited from my mother is the 'people pleaser' trait. It is ingrained in my DNA at this point to try to please others. Sometimes before myself. My mom is the type of person, that if you even speak about a problem you may have, it is officially something that my mother will try to fix. She will take on your problem and try to fix it to make you happy. Even if you never asked for that help.

And that is a great thing: that my mother is such a helpful person. She can fix any problem, handle any situation, and nothing is too big of a task. The only problem is, that she has been such a dependable person for so long, people have now taken that for granted. Instead of "wow, I have no idea how Carol Lee made that happen" , it is now "Oh...you have a big problem? Don't worry, Carol can fix it". So people now EXPECT it. And the more you expect something, the less you appreciate it. And the crazy thing is, my mother gets no joy from it anymore. I don't know if you can understand this, but if my mother sees something that can be fixed, it physically bothers her until she fixes it. Here's an example:

If a group of us went to a restaurant and everybody's food came out perfectly except yours. But you didn't even say anything. It was just obvious that you didn't like what you got. And when my mom asked you, 'what's wrong' you'd obviously respond by saying' nothing'. At that point, my mother would physically have to fix your problem. She would either tell the waiter to send it back, or go back and tell the chef to re-fix it...but whatever she did, she would not be able to physically be able to enjoy the rest of HER meal, until YOURS was satisfied.

And as I grow and learn more about myself, I realize that I am definitely my mother's child. But where I'mma get off the train, is sacrificing my happiness for yours. If I'm at that restaurant and your food comes out messed up, yeah, I'd be upset. Because I want everybody to be happy. I want everybody to have a good time. And, because I know I could probably do something to fix it. Even though you didn't ask me. But if I ask you what's wrong, and you say 'nothing'. That's where I leave it. I'm going to let people fight their own battles. And I know this is a small example, but the point is the same.

If I lost or confused any of my readers...I can't say that I care on this one. This was a self-reflection post.

"How can I f*** up your self-esteem? B***h, it's called SELF - esteem"
-Kat Williams

Friday, March 21, 2008

Me and my pops

So check it...my dad came out to Los Angeles a few weeks ago to give his daughter away in marriage. After the wedding, he spent some time out at her house and then came to spend a couple weeks at my place.

It's so funny how life works itself out sometimes. Growing up, my pops wasn't really around. But now, as an adult (who's about to have another birthday this Sunday) me and my pops are sitting here drinking some brews and watching March Madness highlights.

But we're having a blast. Sharing some laughs. Sharing some memories. And if you had asked me when I was a little kid, and I didn't want my weekend visits to ever end, if I'd be sitting here with one of my best friends drinking a beer....and that that best friend would be my dad; I would have thought you were crazy.

Anyway. Don't want to get all mushy. Love my pops. Love my moms. I have great parents. And that's it. Holla


Pops and J

Wednesday, February 13, 2008



Good Morning. It's Wednesday, February 13, 2008, and this is your first early morning briefing.

It's official! Put down your picket signs, the writers' strike is over. Last evening members of the Writers Guilds East and West voted by a 92.5% margin to lift the restraining order that was invoked on November 5th. In a statement from Patric M. Verrone, President/WGA West reads in part:

"This was not a strike we wanted, but one we had to conduct in order to win jurisdiction and establish appropriate residuals for writing in new media and on the Internet. Those advances now give us a foothold in the digital age. Rather than being shut out of the future of content creation and delivery, writers will lead the way as TV migrates to the Internet and platforms for new media are developed."

Post Strike plans:
Saturday Night Live will return to production just as soon as possible with the strike now over. First show back on the air is expected to be on February 23rd - no guest host announced as yet.
Lifetime Television will soon begin season two production of Army Wives with an early summer premiere scheduled, now that the strike is over.
CBS will not go back into production with Cane for this season, which doesn't say anything outright about next season, but the implication isn't good. Same is true for The CW's Life is Wild - no more shows for this season.
On the flip side, CBS has ordered Sharks and Rules of Engagement to go back into production, as well as New Adventures of Old Christine and Two and a Half Men (duh).
And the bad news for 24 fans ... that show won't return now until January 2009. The strike (and a little jail time) interrupted production.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Beginning of a new era

So, after months and months of a barren land of nothingness..looks like the WGA strike is finally going to be over this week. I know this has been pretty much the talk of the entire entertainment town and I'm sure everybody can breathe easier now.

But the strike was beneficial for me. Things were slower. Not as many auditions. Not as many gigs. And while that sucks financially, it helps mentally in a weird way. I found myself less stressed and not as 'hurried' as I was. I've said this before, but you get so caught up in moving moving moving, that you forget how to be a normal person and let things come when they're supposed to come. So for me, it just took a lot of pressure off of my shoulders.

NOT TO MENTION...that the projects that we had finished before the strike, are now in much better positions. I've made many new contacts and have been able to get my work out to people that I never would have had the strike not hit. So, like most obstacles in life, it was a blessing in disguise.

So now it's back to work. This industry is about to start BOOMING again and I'mma throw myself right in the mix to make sure I don't get passed up on anything.

And things are shaping up so nicely for me that, in a few years, you'll have to discuss me in a way that has never been discussed before.

"First of all, Servants of all, we shall Transcend all"
-Alpha Phi Alpha'

J Lee

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Unsettling Feeling

I've got this really unsettled feeling brewing inside of me. I feel like I'm at a major crossroad in my life, and when I pass through it, a LOT of things in my life are going to change. And that's scary and exciting at the same time. But it's one of those things, that after it happens, you'll never be able to be that person that you were before you went through that light.

And I'm trying to figure out how to deal with it. To all my frat bruhs..it's almost like before you crossed. After you cross, so many things change and you're no longer that same person beforehand. You're (insert name), the Alpha now. And I feel like I'm about to cross. And just like when I crossed Alpha, I became President, won awards, took the chapter to another level, did things that had never been done before, put my stamp on my chapter, and did it with such a passion that it will hopefully always be remembered. I feel like I'm about to cross. And when it's all said and done, J Lee will have done something that has never been done before.

Just some insight. Holla

"And you all are witness
but I am not finished
so keep your mouth closed
and let your eyes listen."

"I know the game is crazy, more crazy than it's ever been
I'm married to that bitch, call me Kevin Federline.

-Lil Wayne


Thursday, February 07, 2008

He Got Game!

Here are a few new photos from a recent photo shoot I had. Trying to get my athletic, hoop star thang going. And yes, I am one of the coldest point guards from the midwest. You heard correctly. :-)


"I'm goin' hard in the paint like Diesel time
either I'm the illest cat doin' it, or these cats is losin' it"
-Lil Weezy

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I think...

my seeds are starting to grow. I've been working hard since I got to Los Angeles and doing any and everything I can to pursue my dreams. And Lord knows it's been a grinding process, but a rewarding one. The tough thing about this industry is the waiting game. You work so hard for something and expect to see results for your hard work immediately...but see, we work in a 'hurry up and wait' game.

You get cast as a lead in a movie. Great! You can't wait to see yourself on the big screen. But you have to shoot it, edit, post production, and sometimes they delay the release. So you might not get to see the benefits of your work until months later. And the lack of instant gratification is pretty hard to swallow sometimes.

But today, I got a few great phone calls regarding my seeds. I've got about 3 projects that are on the verge of really turning into something great. I mean...really great. And after I got off the phone I was charged up! Ready to go. Excited about the good news. But now...I gotta wait for my lawyer to call me back to get this thing moving. lol. Waiting.

Ok..I'll write more later. Peace

J Lee

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Claiming it. Patriots. Christian. Thanksgiving.


Wednesday, January 02, 2008


So, if you read my post yesterday, you already know about my early 2008 test. To keep it short, I started the year off broke as a joke. But dig what happened yesterday...

After I wrote that blog, I went up to the gym to hit the weights and do some shooting drills. Since it was the 1st day of the year, the gym wasn't particularly packed, but there were a few randoms scattered around the basketball court. They asked if I want to play a game of 4 on 4, which I don't usually do, but I did anyway. After the game, some guy I've NEVER seen before comes up to me and says "I bet you $100 I can hit more 3-pointers than you". I looked around and after I realized he was actually speaking to me, I laughed. I replied "Good one, buddy". But he insisted. "What, you ain't got it or something? I'll put up $100 that says I can hit more 3's than you. Best of out 15!"

Now, if you had seen this guy's jumper, you would have laughed. I honestly thought he was joking. But after he pulled out his $100 bill, I realized that, this dude was actually SERIOUS! At this point, most of my boys were like, "J...Just do it. Just do it."

Now, needless to say, I didn't even have a solid DOLLAR on me. Plus, I didn't know they still made random cats who want to bet money on the basketball courts. I thought that went out after "White Men Can't Jump" left theaters.

But after more prodding and joking at my expense, I decided to play along. I told him "look, I don't bring $100 bills to the court...but you know what? I'll put up my ipod against your hundy". I took my $500 ipod out of the case and put it with his hundred for a friend to hold.

Before I shot my first jumper, I was thinking to myself "J, either this is the easiest money you're about to make, or you're about to get your black ass hustled". But before I could think about it anymore, I had already hit 3 shots in a row.

After I hit 8 of 15, I won and took my $100 bill, sat down, and started laughing. I honestly couldn't have scripted a more ironic or funny scene even if I tried. lol. That is all. And you know what I did after I won $100? Ya boy bought GROCERIES!!! I'm a baller, baby. Baller. hahahahahahahahaha. GROCERIES??? Are you kidding me? Peace.

'And who said there's no such thing as a free lunch?!"
-Chiwetel Ejiofor - "Four Brothers"

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Early TESTimony

Greetings all and welcome to 2008. This year plans to be filled with new and exciting things and blah blah blah. We already know that. I'm about to put my money (ha) where my mouth is and do what I'm always preaching. And that's give thanks in advance. Prepare, Expect, and Welcome your blessing before it even happens.

My sister called me the other day and she said "in order to have a testimony, you have to have a TEST". I checked my account this morning, and ya boy got his first test of 2008. My account has a whopping .07 cents in it as we speak. Settle down, settle down, I'm pretty sure you've never seen cake like that, but I'll be making it rain as soon as I take it out of the bank. All 7 cents. Raining down on some lucky woman at a seedy club. But I've digressed.

Now, most people would panic. Go into shock. Get all worried and bothered and stressed out. I, also, am one of those people. But AFTER I did that, I realized that if my 2008 starts out like this, my year can only get better. So I'm going to go ahead and thank Him now because He didn't bring me this far to let me fail. And at the end of this year, I will post another bank account picture, and we'll see if we can find the differences in the two pictures lol.

Bank Account

You see, I'm not going to be one of those people that says "2008 is my year and 2008 is gonna be huge etc" because my 2007 was that year. You have to plant a seed and let it grow. And now, most of my seeds are planted and they're beginning to sprout. So I'll see the rewards in 2008, but the seeds have actually been planted and watered and nurtured since I moved to LA in 2004, ya dig? And with rewards, come more seeds. So if you call me and I don't answer, I'm probably in the garden. Planting.

So 2008, it's nice to meet you too. We may have gotten off on a rough start, but I have a feeling we'll be best friends come December.

Peace, love, and nappiness.

"Having money's not everything,
Not having it is."
-Kanye West

"Wait 'till I get my money right"
-Kanye West

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