Sunday, November 25, 2007

Good F*****N Movie

I like good movies. I love 'em. Matter of fact, I'm probably one of the worst people to watch a movie at home with, because I'll keep pausing and rewind over and over. If it's a funny part, if it's a well acted scene, if it's a well written monologue...I just love it. It makes me smile. And I'm corny like that sometimes. I just like good movies.

I like movies that make you feel something. I've said this before...when it's said and done, and I've put my stamp on this industry, I want you to either love or hate my s***. But don't give me 'eh, it was alright'. Alright is for the birds. Alright is just good enough to forget once you leave the theater. But I want "I loved it" or "I hated it" , because you remember those.

I'm about to get back to watching Good Will Hunting. Goodbye.

"Class back in sessions so I upped it a grade
In two years Dwayne Wade became Dwayne Wade"
-Kanye West

Laaaaazy Sunday

It's Sunday. December is almost here. Nov 18th was my 7 year anniversary of joining my wonderful fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha. 7 years. Man, I can't believe it. But as they say, college days swiftly pass.

But that has nothing to do with today. Today, I'm just chillin at my place watching movies all day. I've been pretty bored/restless lately. I'm waiting for stuff to happen, but also trying to be proactive in the downtime. Umm...what else. Oh, side note. Coming To America is a HILARIOUS movie. That' what I'm watching right now. After that, I'll probably go to the gym. Because that's about all I do: Eat, go to the gym, hoop, write, audition. I can't wait until we start shooting my next film.

I'm just rambling because I haven't posted in a while. I'm out.


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