Sunday, March 18, 2007

Moving and Shaking

So today, I get back from a crazy weekend in Las Vegas. I basically left the club we were at and went straight to the airport because my flight was so early.

I get back to LA and immediately get some sleep because a brotha was tired. BUT, you know I have to drop knowledge in my blogs, I almost missed a great opportunity messing around with Vegas. I slept through an important phone call but I woke up just in time to check the message. Threw on some clothes and went to a NBA Entertainment league game. I met with a guy who is interested in hiring me as a writer for a film he's producing. I'll meet with him tomorrow.

Other than that..I'm tired. But I'm too broke to be tired.

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J Lee

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Mannnnnnnn I haven't done a damn thing all day. And it's really pissing me off.

If you've been reading my blogs, you know that I recently left my job at Family Guy to put all my focus into progressing my career. But now that I'm not working everyday I gotta get my hustle on and make things happen for myself. But some days just move slowly. And today was one of those days.

I made a call to a management company. I talked to my current manager about an update to the project that I already claimed (see below)

I'm about to go hoop a lil bit. Then I'm going to work out. Then I'm going to go to one of my friend's show. And then I'm going to bed.


J Leee

Monday, March 12, 2007


Okay. You know how I'm always talking about claiming this and positive thinking on that. Well I'm about to put it to the test. There is a film in pre-production right now that I would be absolutely perfect for. Not only that, it's directed by one of my favorite directors and could (will) be the spark that I need. Only problem is, I don't have an audition set up. I don't even know the casting director. BUT, I do know that I want this role and I want this project. So...I'm claiming it.

I'm saying right now, that I will be in this project. It shoots later this month and will be released in '08. Check back to soon to see the progress. I'm hoping that in a few weeks, I'll post a blog entitled "Booked"


"Hurry up and wait"
-Los Angeles

Monday, March 05, 2007

Back to LA and RELOADED

The title is called back and reloaded. Which is what I am. I'm back, the tank is full, the body is washed, and I see the next victory in the horizon!

This past weekend I traveled to Indiana University to have the premiere screening of my film "Battle For The Crown". I had a blast to say the least. They played it in the campus movie theater and it was packed. Roughly 400 people came and watched the film. Of course I was running up and down and back and forth making sure everything went smoothly from audio to lighting tweaks. But once the movie started I was able to relax a little. I stood in the back. I wonder if that's how I'm going to be with all of my films. Sitting or standing in the back. I think so. It just feels a little better. I mean, as a director and especially as an editor, you've seen it hundreds of times and anything that can give you a fresh perspective helps. For me, it's standing in the back. Hmm Anyway, there was a moment when I looked out over all of the people and thought to myself, wow...they are here to see my movie. I had to take it in.

Hollywood is very tricky. It will trick you into not being appreciative of things. Will I win an Oscar for BFC? No. Will I travel the world stepping? No. BUT...I still did something that a lot of people have and will never get to do. And for that, I am appreciative.

Anyway...the other reason my trip was so great was because I got to hang with some of the coolest cats around. Of course I'm talking about my fraternity brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha. My chapter, Gamma Eta, just crossed 11 new guys into the organization and I got to meet and hang with all of them. They call themselves R.E.L.O.A.D.E.D. and they have done just that with the chapter. They have such a great energy that is simply contagious. And it made me smile all weeeknd because I remember when I was just like that! And not once did I think about this crazy industry. Not once did I think about a call back or making a phone call or an audition. I just enjoyed life for 3 full days. I ate, I laughed, I shared stories, and I lived. For 3 full days. Oh, and I won the MVP in the annual 3 on 3 basketball tournament leading my team to an undefeated tournament run, Frosty's still got a 'J'.

But seriously, think about that. When was the last time you just enjoyed what you were doing? In the midst of trying to scrap your way up this wobbly and unstable ladder, you've got to find time to enjoy the rung you're on. It's easier said than done but if you're getting to a point of frustration or complacency, take a trip to a place you know. A place where there is unconditional love, support, and happiness... and go there and let your mind take a vacation. Family, Friends, love, and meaningful relationships are what matter most in this world. All of this extra shit is just an easy alternative that won't last. And for someone like me who has to keep grounded and positive people around me, I needed a vacation. We're too blessed to be stressed people.

I'll be doing another screening in Arizona for the ABFF on my brithday (March 23rd). Now if you read my blogs regularly, you know that I'm a hustler. You know I get out there and get it. But sometimes your fuel gets a little low and you gotta Reload and get back out there, ya dig? And if I look at all the things God has done for me, just in the last 11 months, I really have nothing to worry about. Do I?

"Trap all day, play all night. This is the life of a, the life of a...
Go Getter!"
-R Kelly and Young Jeezy

"I told her to go down to MMM. Music, Movies and More"
-Brandon Johnson #2 of R.E.L.O.A.D.E.D. 2007 FNL

"I'm going to report you to facebook for false advertisement"
-Ryan Moore # 10 of R.E.L.O.A.D.E.D. 2007 FNL

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