Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Get the funk out!

Today started off pretty rocky. I was tired, didn't want to get out of bed, and to make matters worse; I decided to check my checking account balance and, needless to say, it was lower than a mofo. So I take a shower, leave my house, and head to the gig. On the way to work, I was still reeling about my money situation but I called my mom for our morning phone conversation and it put me in a better mood. My moms knows me well enough to hear it in my voice, so she cheered me up a little.

But I made a point to get out of my funk and carry on with my day. Just as I was about to do that, my producer informs me that I had to work through lunch. I ordered bbq chicken and they didn't even give me any sauce.

BUT, I finally broke out of it and got some great things accomplished with my day. I dropped of my new headshot with LA casting, and got a call from another agency that wants to meet. So all in all, I made a good day out of a bad one.

Oh yeah, that reminds me...I have to write a blog about the meeting I had this past weekend with an actor about Medusa. It's about to po po pop off!!

And if this meeting doesn't go well, I'mma - "Do the Heisman on that hoe"

J Lee

Thursday, January 25, 2007

So, my film was just accepted into its first film festival. I got the e-mail today. Even better, the festival is during my birthday weekend so, needless to say, that boy J Lee is very happy. Hard work does pay off. And Lord knows I busted my butt on this project. I'm still making updates and changes ever so often just to make it better.

Going into this project, I never thought (yes I did) that this film would do anything for me. But I'll be able to go and network and, most important, see my film up on the big screen!! I don't know what I'm going to do when I see it up there for the first time. Ahh...

anyway...I'm happy. That's it. The year of the J. Did you make your list yet? And if you don't know what the whole list thing is about, read my blog " Let's Get It"

"And everybody trying to get to the top, and that's all good too, but right now I'm on the ladder.

J Lee

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007


What's up everybody? I'm dealing with a very large step in my career but there is this one small thing that is trying to hold me back. Fear. That fear is the fear of not making it. Or not being good enough. Or making the wrong decision. But this fear only comes around when I let his two brothers in the door. Doubt and disbelief. See, I've talked about these three not being welcome in an old blog and it still holds true. And the dangerous thing about these three, is that when you let one in the house, the other two just come right on in. And once they're in...it's hard to get the bastards out.

See, a good way to keep them out is to have a firm sense of who and what you are. I mean to the point where there is nothing anyone can say or do that will change what you feel about yourself. Now, know there are no limits but those that you put upon yourself, but be realistic! =) Once you get that down, once you've found that answer to who you are...you listen to yourself when you're in self-doubt. And your inner self will tell you the truth. But if your inner self is quiet. If your inner self is a non-believer...the only other people you have to listen to are the 3 sons of bitches sitting across from the dinner table telling you that you can't make it. Fear, Doubt, and Disbelief.

We are all made in God's image. And God is in and all around us. And if that is true, if we are made in God's image, then we have Godlike potential. And there's nothing you can tell God that A) He doesn't know and B) that will make him doubt himself. lol

But you gotta believe. You can't halfway believe it. It's gotta be 100% belief that you are good enough, smart enough, ....and damnit! People like you.

-Closer to my dreams.

J Lee

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Let's Get It!!

See...people always start the year off saying the same thing. "This is gonna be my year. This year, I'm gonna (insert goal/dream/wish)'. But what people forget is that, you've got to take into account what you've already done. Don't discard '06 yet. I put in some hard work last year. As my old piano teacher would say, I put in the 'nitty gritty'. The hard work that you get tired of and you dread doing. But see, that nitty gritty, that grind, that...HUSTLE, if you will, is gonna pay off. So I'm going to reap the benefits in '07 and have a ridiculously productive and positive year. But it's from my hard work in '06. You see?

Do yourself a favor. 1st, make a list of all of the things that you got accomplished last year. Small and major things alike. Did you get a new car? A new job? A new house? Did you meet a new friend? A new girl/boyfriend? Did you move? Did you finish something that you thought was impossible? Did you travel somewhere new? Think of all the things you did in '06 and write it down on a piece of paper.

Then make another list and at the top put '07. And write this list as if it were Jan 1st, 2008 and you were looking back on 2007 and remembering all that you did. Don't be shy or bashful either. You can put whatever you want on that list. So make your list for 2007 as if it has already happened. Claim what you want in this year. And trust me, it will be yours.

I've already got my list finished. And lemme tell you now, I'm pretty booked up. I know how I want this year to go. And I'm willing to work for it. And I've got God on my side and that means that there is nothing you can tell me that will convince me otherwise. If you try, you will fail. In '07, I'm not dealing with a 'can't do' attitude. Nope. It's time to get it cracking everybody. Stop reading and make your list. What do you want? Get it.

"Whether you think you can or cannot, you are right"
-Henry Ford.

The J

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