Thursday, July 27, 2006

"I was gone for a minute but now I'm back on the jump off."
Yeah, I quoted Lil Kim. But if she can get a TV show on the air for going to prison, I know that the boy J Lee can get a syndicated show on air.

Here's to saying ' f it'. Why not do something different? Do what you want to do? I am. You should. I figure you have 2 choices. A) You can sit back and watch other people do what you wish you could. Or B) say f it.

I've been debating something for the past few weeks or so. I've been thinking about saying f it and moving to London or African for 6 months. And not, go over there, stay in a nice hotel and eat American food and do everything that I would do in the states, but in London. No, I mean, moving over there. Finding a small apartment. Living amongst them. Learning the culture. Why you say? Why not? I'm not married, I don't have any kids, I have no REAL responsibilities here in Los Angeles. To that, you say, 'But J, what about all the connections and all the hard work you've put into your career'? To that I say, I didn't have any connections when I moved out. No job. No money (unless you count $170). But, when you're destined for greatness, you're destined for greatness. You think you're going to outrun what the man upstairs has for you? I think not. So, yeah, I'd go. And I'd hustle. And I'd miraculously start meeting people that knew people and then the next thing you know, I'm on 'Inside the Actors Studio' with James Lipton talking about how I made it. Doesn't matter. You can take 70, 40, 44, the 10, the 91, even the 101 west. It just depends on how much you're trying to see on the way. 'Cause you know what would suck? To speed west down one of these freeways, and then get there and realize you missed the whole damn trip. And now that you're where you want to be, all of a sudden you want to go back and visit the grand canyon. But it ain't the same potna!

Anyway, you either feel me or will feel me. Holla at your boy.

C Money. Good luck on your journey. Don't speed too fast trying to get to that end goal. There are a lot of bonuses on the way to the top. I'm like a sponge. I break stuff.


J Lee
(for those of you who went back and read and re-read that last sentence. It doesn't make sense. It was a joke.)

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