Friday, April 21, 2006


"it ain't easy being green"
-Kermit The Frog

Man I tell you...being goal oriented is hard sometimes. You have to actually put words into action and follow through. That'd hard ish. We all want results...but it's the work inbetween the results that people are afraid of doing. I've been shooting a film for the past 2 months and I have learned so much just being in the fire. I jumped in the water with no raft, boat, or them little things that go around your arms. I just dove in. But, I'm floating..and I'm starting to get my backstroke going. But if I could give any advice...that would be "do it". just do it. Don't want around for other people to validate your ideas. You don't need 100 people in your corner just to get started. You believe in something enough, other people will buy into it. Trust me.

In other news, I am actually anxious to get back to LA. Don't know why. I guess I miss the hustle a little bit. Here's a list of things J Lee doesn't miss

-People bragging about themselves with no good reason
-The red carpet bullshit
-$10 drinks at a club, where outside I just dealt with the red carpet bullshit
(Side note, once I'm making some major major loot, and I've solidified myself as a star, I'm going to go to the club with my boy B...stand in the BACK of the line, and tell the owner I'm not coming in unless you let all of the people in front of me in. AND first round's on me) back to the show
-Arguing at 24 hour fitness
-Everything being in style
(Ladies and gentlemen...just cause your fit is 'different' doesn't make it hot. Colors should still match, and clothes should still fit"

Things i DO miss about LA
-Carrie (we suck at distance...but that's my booski)
-Hooping at 24 hour fitness
-The weather
-Making money
-The beach
-Family Guy

And the list goes on. ALright....I got some swimming to do. I'll holla

J Lee
The Next Big Thing In Hollywood
-He's back, April 28th folks

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