Wednesday, December 20, 2006


If you haven't seen the Snicker's commercial I did, it's up on youtube. Check it out!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

It's A Thin Line

Boy, that song is true. It's a thin line, between love and hate. Very thin. There's something in my life right now, that I need and I LOVE, but can't stand that muthaf****a. Boy. Everyday, I wake up and I love it and hate it.

That is all I will put right now, because if I type more, I will go off. People playin with my patience. Grrr

"And down here you are gonna need a choppa, and I'mma need a lawyer, and you gone need a doctor"

lil weezy

Friday, December 01, 2006

Most Famous Receptionist

Okay, 1st off, God is great. Yep. Great. I work as a receptionist. But I might be the most famous receptionist in the city. I don't make a lot of money, but the benefits of my job are well worth it. I work for the show Family Guy. I meet actors and actresses and musicians daily. And when I meet them, I don't meet them as a fan. I meet them as an equal.

'you are seen as you see yourself'

And I'm excited because I got my dad Lakers tickets for tomorrow. My publicist hooked it up. How did I get a publicist you say? What have I been in? Nothing. But I've got talent. And I strive to have people see me the way I see myself. Ya'll better get on board now. I'm tellin you, the J Lee train is about to speed up. There are still seats left though.

ok, that's it. I'm broke but happy, talented, and thankful for past and future blessings. HOLLA

J Lee

Monday, November 13, 2006

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How To:

This is a 'how to' blog. I'll probably do a new 'how to' blog every week or so just so I can teach others how to do some things that I know how to do. We'll first start with

1) NEVER SAY WHAT YOU'RE THINKING. While you are listening to her tell you her feelings and why she feels a certain way, and why you're wrong...take a moment. Think of what you are going to say. Because no matter what comes out of your mouth, it will be written in the books and taken as law. You will not be able to take your statements back. Choose your words carefully.

2) FIGURE OUT WHAT THE HELL YOU'RE ARGUING ABOUT IN THE 1ST PLACE. A lot of times, women argue the most recent subject or thing that you just said, not the point. So the more you speak without thinking of how you're going to place your words (see #1) the more you move further and further from the point at hand. Example.

Her : Why don't you ever buy me flowers?
You : Aww baby, I don't need flowers to tell you I love you.
Her: Speaking of, when is the last time you told me I loved you.
You: The other day, right before I went to play basketball with the fellas.
Her: Why do you always have to hang out with your friends playing stupid basketball. Can't we just spend a weekend together? Are your friends more important that me? ETC ETC ETC

You get my drift. Don't get caught in the trap. Because before you know it, you'll have said 10 different 'incorrect' things that will set her off on other reasons why she wants to argue.

3) FIND A RESOLUTION. There's nothing worse than having a drag down, name calling, heated argument and not coming up with a resolution. Because if you do that, you've basically wasted minutes of your life on a subject that neither of you see eye to eye on. Doesn't matter what the resolution is. Just come to one. "Hey, I've realized that when you talk to me on Wednesdays, we have bad days. So maybe on Wednesdays, we should just avoid each other". or "Hey, you're crazy." Whatever the resolution is, come to one. Because if you argue about something once, there's really no need to argue about it again is there? But this is only IF, you come to a resolution.

4) YOU DON'T MATTER. Nothing you say or do, matters. Stop bringing up past times when you did something great that she loved and disproves her current point. Doesn't matter. Doesn't matter if she's arguing about the fact that you never cook, but she happened to forget that you just cooked last night and she's eating the leftovers in between yelling at you. Doesn't matter. You're wrong. You're a jerk. And you don't matter. Stop being honest and say what she wants to hear. Women always talk about how they want their men to be honest and express their feelings. If you believe that you're an idiot. That's a flat out lie. No woman wants to hear "Nah, tonight I'd rather do something with my friends instead of with you". Trust me. She says "just be honest with me and tell me how you really feel". What she really means is "if you decide to do anything besides what I want to do, you hate me. You're selfish, and she should be with somebody that appreciates and adores her 28/9 and not be with your dusty ass" Well you say to me, "J...that's a lie. I shouldn't lie to my girl". I say to you avoid the argument at all cost, enjoy the rest of your day, and live to argue on another one.

That is all for today. Hope you learned something. Have a good day.

J Lee

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Okay, so it's Saturday. I'm sitting around my house doing a bunch of nothing because that's what I like to do with my weekend. Relax. I spend a lot of the week hustlin and workin, but now it's my time to chill....ANYWAY, I'm watching TV and this new show comes on. Before I tell you what it's called, let me tell you that it bothers me. Why does it bother me? I'll tell you.

Okay, I'm not a person who gets up on soap boxes and tells people what to do or how to act, but eventually you have to sit back and take a look at what you do. First of all, the show is called "Hip Hop Hold 'Em" which sounds like a good idea. It brings celebrities from the hip hop world together to play a lil poker. The reason the show pisses me off, is because it is soooo stereotypically 'black' I can't begin to enjoy it. Most of the people they bring on the show don't even know how to play which causes for some pretty bad poker. They've got two show hosts who are completely opposite. (A token white guy who knows how to play cards but he can't act too white, so he tries to act a lil hip which makes him look even more dumb, and a token random black guy who is hip but doesn't know a damn thing about poker, which ends up being a funny 2 man team because they both make each other look stupid without knowing it)... the post production looks like it was editied in imovie (random porno like star wipes, horrible music, and a blah poker room), they've got a bunch of half naked women walking around for no reason (who's idea was this? They're not even doing anything. I could see if they were serving drinks, or dealing cards, or something..but nope. Because that's what black people do. Right? They get half naked and listen to hip hop and count money. Right? That's what we all do.)

Now I'm mad because, I'm assuming they are trying to reach a particular audience with this show. My guess is 18-30 year old African Americans. If this is the audience that they are attracting, as an audience member, you've got to feel pretty dumb that this is all you get. This is what they think 'you all' want to see. A group of 'suits' sat around before they shot the first episode and said 'how can we attract our audience'. And somebody said something to the effect of 'hmm, black people you say? Well, they like their women to be half naked, counting money (not investing it), rims, and being loud. So let's just do that" Let me give you an analogy.

I work at Subway. I want to attract this same crowd; 18-30 year old African Americans. You come in and I give you a lame ass, stale, nasty, half baked sandwich and I expect that this is what you want to eat. You don't deserve any better than what I gave you. Why? Because this is what you guys eat. So shut up and eat it. That's what they serve you down the street. Why would I pull out my GOOD bread, or my FRESH meat for you? You don't ask for it. You just take what I give you. So see ya, bye, eat your stale sandwich and be gone.

But the truth is, we all don't want that crap. We all don't want to eat that sandwich. We all don't want to watch a group of young African Americans embarrass themselves on television by thinking that a 8 2 off suit is really a good hand. We don't want to see them not knowing how to count their chips. We don't want to see them get excited about the pointless half naked women on the show when they should be concentrating on their hand and what charity they're playing for. We don't want that. But if we expect to change what they give us, we've got to change ourselves first. Until our music and videos are more than just ass shaking and counting money, the world will continue to see us as ignorant, ghetto, horrible with money, women degrading, black folk. I love being black. I wouldn't have it any other way. I love hip hop music. I love black families. I like nice things. I like money. But I also love being intelligent. I also love having 2 degrees from college. I love having dreams and goals and not living in the 'now' but preparing for the future. And I think far too often, people (not just black people) don't understand that you can have both. You can be black and intelligent. It's not 1 or the other.

Well, I'm done. I'll tell you one thing though. As soon as I get a lil bit of screen time, people are going to hear what I have to say. And the crazy thing about it is, the majority of African Americans are not like they portray on television. But we keep on eating that stale sandwich and they're making money off of it. So why should they give you the good bread?

"The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses"
-Malcom X

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Film Festivals I'm finally finised with my movie. I'm at a point where I could let somebody watch it and not have to explain why this part is messed up or this part still needs to be fixed. You get my drift. I had my first screening last week and got good feedback. People really seemed to like the film. And at first I took the compliments lightly because you never know who's feeding you the b.s. But I heard good things from credible sources. I'm having another screening tomorrow.

I also submitted it for its first film festival today. I dropped it off for the Slamdance Film Festival. Not to be confused with Sundance but it goes on at the same time. We'll see. There are soooo many festivals it's crazy. They even have a Southern Fried Chcken Film Festival. lol. Yeah I know but I bet you I submit for it.

Anyway. 2006 is coming to an end pretty soon and then it's gonna be time to get ya hustle on for 2007. Don't wait until Jan to start planning your work and working your plan. Get on it now. That's what I'm doing. Not that you care...well you must care 'cause you're reading my blog. And if you're doing must care.

Okay, the J has spoken and the J is out!!!!!


Tuesday, October 10, 2006


It's time to get back on track. Re-focus the energies. Get back on the grind. I think you should always set dates and goals to achieve. That way, you have something to work towards. If you're just in a daily routine and going through the motions, that final goal will never be reached. You gotta keep working and striving to get where you want to be. A wise man once said "show me a satisfied man, and I'll show you a failure" I don't know how wise he was, or who he was...(techincally it could have been a she) but it has a little truth to it. My piano teacher used to always tell me " don't rest on your laruels. You shouldn't be so satisfied with what one you've already achieved that you make no further effort. She would tell me this after I won a piano competition. "Don't rest on your laruels". Translation, okay you won...not get back on the grind.

The grind. What is that? What are your goals? What do you want to achieve? Whatever it or they are, geterdone is what they say.

My father's 70th birthday was this past weekend. 70 years old and he's still cool as a fan. Love you pop. And in the words of my pops

'the good is out'


Tuesday, August 22, 2006


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This is a good friend of mine. Lauren Crowner. It hurts my heart to even say this but, she passed away earlier today (Tuesday, August 22nd 2006). To make matters worse, it was her 25th birthday. She was in a car accident, suffered a mild head injury, went home for the weekend, and her injury escalated into one of our worst fears. It was such an untimely death. Unexpected isn't even the word. When dealing with death, and especially a death like this one, the mind just can't grasp the 'why's or when's'. It just can't. Lauren was (is...I don't even know what to say) the most beautiful and positive person I ever met. I met her at Indiana University my freshman year (1999). Just off of looks, she was already one of the most popular people at the university. She was gorgeous. Then once you got to know her, actually sit down and speak with her you found out she was more than that. She was articulated. Educated. A person with just positive energy. Goals, name it. She had it. I also had the pleasure of being her 'brother'. She was a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Man, when the Alphas crossed, and then the AKA's crossed haha..Indiana University wasn't ready for us! 19 Epiphany came through and IU honestly wasn't the same. Lauren was on that line.

When you talk about timing being completely off...I mean, on her birthday. Lord, I know everything happens for a reason but...this is a tough one. You know they say you should never take things for granted but that's much easier said than done. She was following her dreams. A journalism major, she found a great job working for NBC 4 in Columbus, OH. My thoughts are all screwed and mixed up but I'm just typing.

I'm mad, angry, sad, scared, thankful for my life and blessings...thankful that she left such a positive legacy. Thankful that she was such a good person. I can only hope that people feel the same way about me once I pass on. You just can't say one fucking bad thing about her. I just don't know what to say. Speechless. And I'm not even going to try to answer why, 'cause that'll just give me a bigger headache. I'll shed more tears and I'll still feel like I have no answers. And this is just how I feel. I can only imagine how her close friends feel. Carrie, Mandy, Aundrea, Meisha, Rose..the whole 19. Her family. I can't even imagine how hard this is. But to everyone who is touched by this death, to everybody who got the pleasure to meet Lauren, to everybody who she're also in my thoughts and prayers. She had such a short life, but an important one.

I'm just going to take this time to say I love you and thank you to all of my friends and family. There are far too many to list, but you know who you are. From my Mom, to Gary and my boys from St. Louis, to 540 and 222, to my baby girl Carrie, to everybody I've ever met and had a chance to befriend...know that I appreciate you all. Life is short and you never know when your time to go may be. So Love God. Enjoy life and the time that you are here. And take this as a wake-up call if nothing else. Death is one of the only certainties in life. So don't fear death. Lauren is in a much better place right now than we can ever imagine. God makes no mistakes. We may not understand his reasoning, but he makes a way not sometimes...but all the time. So just take time right now to say a prayer for her and her family. Be grateful for the many many many blessings that you have right now....


J Lee

Friday, August 11, 2006


Hard work pays off. I don't believe there is a thing called luck. I think there are blessings and I believe if you work hard you will see results. And then on top of that, if you keep things right, the man upstairs will help you out. But the thing to remember is, it's not supposed to happen when YOU think it should. Or when YOU want it to. It happens when it's supposed to happen.

I'm finally SAG now. I booked my first union, nicely paying, acting gig and I feel good about it. I feel like I deserved it. I've been in LA a solid 2 years now (I was getting away with telling people 1 1/2 for the longest) but I've come to grips with my time in LA. And it hasn't been the easiest of roads, but it sure as hell ain't the toughest thing in life. Again, if you know how to get your hustle on and 'do' instead of 'talk', you'll start 'seeing' results and instead of 'hoping' for them. So now, I've gotten past a nice little hurdle in the road to the top. I told you I'd be giving you updates, the good and the bad, as my journey continues. But there's plenty more work to I'mma stop talking and get back to doing. But just wanted to enjoy it for a brief second...ya dig?


'Make no assumptions, I'm hustling"
J Lee

Sunday, August 06, 2006

It ain't easy

Life isn't always the easiest. You ever just have a bad day? Like the stars just aren't lined up right? The world's a little on tilt? And the bad part about it is that you can't really do anything about it. Just gotta take your lumps. Take your bad days. And nobody wants to be in a bad mood, and for damn sure, nobody wants to be in a bad mood and not know why. But sometimes it happens. And you just gotta chalk it up as a loss and pray that the next day is better than today. And maybe during that bad day of yours, you happened to learn something. Who knows...when life gives you lemons throw them bitches back and ask for chocolate covered strawberries is what I say.

I'm sitting here with a handful of lemons but my waiter is nowhere to be found. I want to return these lemons and get ccs's.

I'm out

Thursday, July 27, 2006

"I was gone for a minute but now I'm back on the jump off."
Yeah, I quoted Lil Kim. But if she can get a TV show on the air for going to prison, I know that the boy J Lee can get a syndicated show on air.

Here's to saying ' f it'. Why not do something different? Do what you want to do? I am. You should. I figure you have 2 choices. A) You can sit back and watch other people do what you wish you could. Or B) say f it.

I've been debating something for the past few weeks or so. I've been thinking about saying f it and moving to London or African for 6 months. And not, go over there, stay in a nice hotel and eat American food and do everything that I would do in the states, but in London. No, I mean, moving over there. Finding a small apartment. Living amongst them. Learning the culture. Why you say? Why not? I'm not married, I don't have any kids, I have no REAL responsibilities here in Los Angeles. To that, you say, 'But J, what about all the connections and all the hard work you've put into your career'? To that I say, I didn't have any connections when I moved out. No job. No money (unless you count $170). But, when you're destined for greatness, you're destined for greatness. You think you're going to outrun what the man upstairs has for you? I think not. So, yeah, I'd go. And I'd hustle. And I'd miraculously start meeting people that knew people and then the next thing you know, I'm on 'Inside the Actors Studio' with James Lipton talking about how I made it. Doesn't matter. You can take 70, 40, 44, the 10, the 91, even the 101 west. It just depends on how much you're trying to see on the way. 'Cause you know what would suck? To speed west down one of these freeways, and then get there and realize you missed the whole damn trip. And now that you're where you want to be, all of a sudden you want to go back and visit the grand canyon. But it ain't the same potna!

Anyway, you either feel me or will feel me. Holla at your boy.

C Money. Good luck on your journey. Don't speed too fast trying to get to that end goal. There are a lot of bonuses on the way to the top. I'm like a sponge. I break stuff.


J Lee
(for those of you who went back and read and re-read that last sentence. It doesn't make sense. It was a joke.)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


"Here's to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels,
the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes...
the ones who see things differently -- they're not fond of rules...
You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them,
but the only thing you can't do is ignore them because they
change things... they push the human race forward, and while
some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius,
because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they
can change the world, are the ones who do."

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What do you need?

What is it that you need right now? Think about it. I guess you can mix a little want in that need, but what is it? A new car? A new job? A new opportunity?

Whatever it is, think about it, process it, and then make it happen. Don't wait. There's no reason to. Go after it and geterdone. I'm tired of waiting around for other people to make stuff happen for me. You can be in the driver's seat of your future, or wait on the bus stop and hope that bus takes you where you want to go. Me...I'm driving with the top down, aviators on, and a brand new outfit on. Where am I going?? Not sure exactly, but I'm headed in the right direction. I just got out of 2nd gear and as soon as I get my speed up, I'm going to be coasting in 5th. And I'm trying to be welcomed at a lot of different places. Ya dig?

So what you need to do that closet ...wait, scratch that. Go buy a new outfit, iron it, take a shower splash on some smell good, get a car wash and start driving. Don't matter where. Just start driving.

Two G's biggs...I'm trying to see you riding in the fast lane right next to me.

"I'm standing firm. Life's a slinky"
-Lil Weezy

"I live by the 'look at this mutha fucka' factor. When you walk in a room, either you're the one on the side, hating, saying 'look at this muthafucka'. Or you're that muthafucka. And I'm that muthafucka!"
-Jamie Foxx

Monday, May 08, 2006

Friday, April 21, 2006


"it ain't easy being green"
-Kermit The Frog

Man I tell you...being goal oriented is hard sometimes. You have to actually put words into action and follow through. That'd hard ish. We all want results...but it's the work inbetween the results that people are afraid of doing. I've been shooting a film for the past 2 months and I have learned so much just being in the fire. I jumped in the water with no raft, boat, or them little things that go around your arms. I just dove in. But, I'm floating..and I'm starting to get my backstroke going. But if I could give any advice...that would be "do it". just do it. Don't want around for other people to validate your ideas. You don't need 100 people in your corner just to get started. You believe in something enough, other people will buy into it. Trust me.

In other news, I am actually anxious to get back to LA. Don't know why. I guess I miss the hustle a little bit. Here's a list of things J Lee doesn't miss

-People bragging about themselves with no good reason
-The red carpet bullshit
-$10 drinks at a club, where outside I just dealt with the red carpet bullshit
(Side note, once I'm making some major major loot, and I've solidified myself as a star, I'm going to go to the club with my boy B...stand in the BACK of the line, and tell the owner I'm not coming in unless you let all of the people in front of me in. AND first round's on me) back to the show
-Arguing at 24 hour fitness
-Everything being in style
(Ladies and gentlemen...just cause your fit is 'different' doesn't make it hot. Colors should still match, and clothes should still fit"

Things i DO miss about LA
-Carrie (we suck at distance...but that's my booski)
-Hooping at 24 hour fitness
-The weather
-Making money
-The beach
-Family Guy

And the list goes on. ALright....I got some swimming to do. I'll holla

J Lee
The Next Big Thing In Hollywood
-He's back, April 28th folks

Monday, March 20, 2006

It's Comin!!

Yo...just want to let everybody know, that J Lee's birthday is MARCH 23rd! Mark your calendars, set your clocks, sync your palm pilots whatever, 'cause it's going down. Now I'm not able to celebrate like I normally would because I'm in the middle of shooting my movie. BUT don't get it twisted, the wrap party for the film can count as my official birthday celebration.

Besides that, I know I haven't dropped any great knowledge in awhile, but that's only because I'm in the trenches making it happen. I promise when I get finished with this project, I'll have plenty of stories.

Until then, holla at your boy.

J Lee

"Don't sweat the small stuff"
-Brandon Williams

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Poppin' my collar

"Ever since I can remember, I been poppin' my collar....poppin' my collar"
-Three Six Mafia

I don't know if you saw the Academy Awards, but Three Six Mafia won an Oscar. Now, that may not be a big deal to some of you, but it sure in the hell was for me. I was jumping up and down. And I am suuuuuuuuuuuuure some snotty nosed, uppity folks were sitting around mad as hell that they won. "OH MY GOSH! NEGROES WITH GOLD TEETH AND JEANS HAVE INVADED AMERICA" You know what's funny though, is that the hip hop culture is what runs America. From music to trendy styles, it all can be traced to what I call the 'hip hop' culture. Or as my mom says, the 'hibbidy hop mess' culture. As soon as I win an oscar, I'm going to go out and buy a car that is really expensive on a watch, and take my boys out and waste the rest. And then, 3 months after that, I'll be old news. SIKE! Not the kid. Money begets money my friend. My motto for 2006. Sip, Tip, and Get Paid. Not necessarily in that order. My boy Brandon put me on to that.

I'm in the middle of a huge production. When I get back to LA, it's on and poppin' once again. Back to the scripts, back to the auditions, and back to the hustle. It doesn't stop. It's like Puff Diddy. It won't stop. It can't stop. Take that, take that.
Well anyway, I'm back on it. I'll write more later.

"bet ya can't do it like me"

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Hey There Buuuuuuuuudy"

"It's been a long time since I first got down, but I still keep makin' these funky sounds"
-Too Short

I know it's been a little while since my last post, but I've got good reason. I'm actually out of Los Angeles right now filming a movie. I don't want to talk too much about it. Once it's finished, edited, and distributed, then I'll fill in all the details.

It's weird, 'cause when you leave LA, you are able to put some things in perspective. You get so busy trying to 'make it', you forget about how to 'enjoy it'. You're so busy thinking about your next move, you don't know what your present move is. Something about LA brings out the hustle in people. Well...most people. I guess if you don't get on your hustle once you cross that California State line or deboard at LAX, you'll get swept under the table. Fast. And it's hundreds of cats that are willing to take your place. But I'm now able to sit back and not so much relax, but enjoy a little bit. I still have big dreams and goals (Goal = a dream with a deadline) but I don't want to rush.

I also finally got a new phone. I didn't want to get it 'cause EVERYBODY in LA had one, but the functionality of it is perfect for me. I can do all that e-mailing and texting and ish on the spot. And no, if you don't have my number already, you can't have it. I'm $25 million a movie people. =)

J Lee

Thursday, February 23, 2006

He Be Woooooooooorkin'!!

Man, the devil stays busy. Trying to disrupt your days, your plans, your thoughts, and anything else you're trying to do in life. And if you let him, he'll succeed. He tried to get me this morning. Making traffic horible, my damn cell phone had no battery and I was in the middle of a very important call, got to work late, deliveries didn't come through, money wasn't where it was supposed to be. You name it, he tried to fuck it up.

But he's got no control over me. He's got no control over what I do. And not to get all relgious on all you folks (well I guess it is purposeful so I'm not apologizing...'cause even if you don't believe in him, he believes in you.) but the Lord puts you through little tests all the time. You gotta go down before you go up. And he makes a way, not somehow, but ANYHOW.

So you know what happened? After I got all frustrated and mad and was ready to throw my phone out of the window...I thought about it and smiled. I could be carless, jobless, goal-less, and less of a bunch of stuff. But I ain't. I'm healthy, good to go, and about to embark on a huge project and experience. And once I realized that and thanked God, even for the horrible morning, everything worked out. Money jumped back into place, cell phone batter got some life, a lane opened up in the middle of the road just for my Kia Sportage and I made the rest of the lights to work.

"Coach they won't knock me off my pivot...forget it!"

Nobody can stop you but you. All you need is one person on your side, and that's God. If you've got him there, no matter WHAT life throws at you, you'll be alright. If he's for you, can't nobody be against you. And you can take that to the bank.

Speaking of the banks, when I get rich, I ain't using 'em. No credit either. Cash only. If I buy a 5 million dollar house, I'm going to show up in some basketball shorts, a tank top, some aviator glasses, and two big ass suitcases. I don't want to owe money to anybody. No sir. Electric bill you say? They're getting one big ass check at the beginning of the month. Don't call me. I'll call you LADWP. Your money is there. Just take it out each month and leave me alone. Holla at your boy.

J Lee
"I'm standing firm, life's a slinky"

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I love being happy. You ever wake up in the morning and just know that you're going to have a good day? Feel like you can take on the world? And then you get to work, school, or somewhere and that one person comes along. That negative person who's always talking about how hard life is, and how much everybody hates them, and how hard it is out here for a pimp...and then you wanna just go back home and go to sleep?

If you're that person....stop it! Stop bringing other people down. Stop making life so damn traumatic. Be happy.
"Nothing is so good it can't be better, and nothing is so bad it can't be worse".

It ain't that bad. You ain't the only person who had a rough day. Geesh.!

On another note...

Repeat after me.

J Lee
Speak Life.

(In Unison)
Speak life.

You know what that means? When you speak life, you speak something into exsitence. You want a new job? Speak life. You want a new car? Speak life. You want a new girlfriend/boyfriend that is perfect for you and makes you smile everytime you see them? Yep. Speak that puppy into existence.

Okay, that's it. I'll have more tomorrow. Point of the story is...if you want something in life, claim it and then go after it. Peace, love, and nappiness!!

J Lee
"Worry about your mission, not your position"

Friday, January 27, 2006


My mom sent me an old plaque that I received over 10 years ago. I have dozens and dozens of things that I have from my childhood that all of a sudden make sense. Carrie always makes fun of me because it seems like everyday, I have a new story about something that happened to me, or something that I went through. This is from my induction into the Lafayette, MO Optimist Club. It was March 13th, 1995. Here is what the Optimist Creed states:

Promise yourself-
To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.
To talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person you meet.
*To make all your friends feel that there is something in them.
To look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true.
To think only of the best, to work only for the best, and expect only the best.
*To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as your are about your own.
To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future.
To wear a cheerful countenance at all times and give every living creature you meet a smile.
To give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others.
To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.

This is my booski.

I preach about this and I say it over and over, but you have to set goals for yourself. If you shoot for nothing, guaranteed, you'll hit it. My baby just got a huge promotion and I'm proud of her. She's doing her thing. She took a risk by moving out to LA, but now she's found her groove and making it happen for herself. She's determined, dedicated, hard working (sometimes stubborn lol) and motivated. But the point is, she was able to adapt and make LA work for her, not work for LA.

This blog is for her and for me to let her know how proud I am of her. Because sometimes I get so busy trying to tackle my career and make things happen for myself, that sometimes I overlook the things that are important to others. And I don't want to ever be that consumed to where I miss the important things in life.



Monday, January 23, 2006

Swinging For The Fences

I'm at the plate, bottom of the ninth, full count. We're down by 2 and there's a man on 1st and second. The man behind you has had no success in hitting against the pitcher you're facing. What would you do?

I'll tell you what I'd do. I'm swinging that bat. And I'm swinging for extra bases. Last year, when I first got here to LA, I probably would have hoped to draw a walk. Anything but f*** up. Just please, please let me get on base. Let the next guy either save the day or be the laughing stock of the week. And the next guy, who has never hit this particular pitcher, would probably strike out in horrible fashion. We'd lose the game and people would be upset. But they couldn't blame me. I did my job. I got on base.

Not in 2006. Not the kid. Not J Lee. I'm swinging and 1 of 2 things will happen. 1) I'll strike out/ground out and the game is over. J Lee lost the game. Boo hoo good night. 2) I'll crack that bat and pop a double and I'll win the game. Everybody rushes me and says 'we knew you could do it, kid" and I get a 100 MILLION dollar bonus. They put up a statue of me in the middle of the White House because that's how tight my performance was. Because, this is what happens, even when you swing and know what it FEELS like to swing for the fences. You'll realize you can at least DO it. You may not have done it correctly, or successfully, but you DID it. Then, you can improve from that. But you can't improve from something you never try. You can't become a professional BX bike rider if you're too scared to ride a bike sans training wheels. So do it. And do it big. You can live your entire life hitting singles and bunting the ball. And you'll probably have a nice long career. But if you don't take that bat off of your shoulders and put your legs, arms, back, heart into that swing, you'll never be in the hall of fame. You'll be that person who "was a really good talent, and had a solid game...but never played in an all-star game. Never got endorsements." And I'm not saying that that is what everything is about. Getting recognition and cheers. But you're talking to a person who doesn't know how to do anything without doing it the best I can. And my best is pretty damn good. lol

You probably think I'm cocky as hell. lol. I'm just swinging.

-J Lee

Monday, January 09, 2006

Jason Lee Vs J Lee. Round 2

"tonight I might, just boost my feature price
'cause to each his own, and the lights is bright
and I'm feelin' like Mike at a Tyson fight"
-Lil Weezy.

Ya'll don't feel me. Let me get into this blog...

Alright, in round one, J Lee won by a landslide. Here's the rematch;

You may or may not know, but I am taking on a pretty big project right now. No question, the biggest of my entertainment career. If it goes well, this could be the launch pad that takes me from from the shores and into the big waves. After that, it's all about getting past the big waves, which is the big challenge. Once you're past the big waves, it's coasting in the ocean. But you see nothing but water and water in front of you and you think you'll never get to the other side. But I ain't stoppin' there. I'm going all the way to the other side.

"I'm riding a wave people. I'm riding it until I'm washed on the shore of my destiny and I've got the sand of success all over my face. And I'll turn over and let the sun hit my face and smile. And thank God. And probably cry tears of joy. Because I know that I know that I know...I'm headed for greatness."
-'You've got to know that you know that you know' blog.

Anyway, let me get back to the point. I am in pre-production for this project and it takes a lot of detail and busy work. But I'm prepared for it. When I was president of my fraternity (and it's fitting that this is where really learned these skills) I had to take care of a lot of paperwork, busy work, ain't nobody doing it so Jason will get it done work. And that's where I am. I have to take care of the little things now so they don't come back to bite me in the ass. But it's going well so far. Jason Lee is definitely taking over right about now. All of my 'T's will be crossed and my 'I''s dotted. There's a little room for creativity, but it's mostly business right about now. J Lee was the one who thought of this project, but Jason Lee has to take it from here. Once this section is done, J Lee will be itching to get back in the driver's seat. And he will. But right now, Jason Lee is driving the bus. Sit back and put your seat belt on J Lee. It's gonna be a long ride.

Round 2: = Jason Lee

Jason Lee = 1. J Lee = 1.

Friday, January 06, 2006


I hate haters. Hatin' ass biznatches is what we used to call 'em in high school. But I'm a gentleman so I don't use profanity anymore. So parden my french.

In J Lee's book, a Hater is defined as : Somebody talking bad about, behind your back, and possibly even to you because of three reasons. 1) They wish they had what you had. 2) They wish they could do what you do. 3) They don't want to see you doing what they can't do or have what they can't have.

But it's funny, because the more you do, the more you're hated on. If I was a nobody loser type cat, that nobody knew or cared about, I wouldn't have haters. I would be the last thing on their mind. But since I'm doing my THING, and I'm not afraid to to DO my thing, I have haters. Just simple haters too. Haters that wished I was lazy. Or wished I didn't have as much drive as I have. Or wished I didn't have goals and dreams. 'Cause see if that was the case, they wouldn't feel threatened. Then they wouldn't have to look at themselves and ask "what the hell am I doing?" Let's make it into an analogy.

You're on the basketball court. And you're playing well. Hitting your shots. You're probably the best person on the court. Then all of a sudden, another cat steps in the gym. And immediately, you notice he's got that swagger. (I'll explain Swagger in a later blog). He's got that look in his eyes, and you know he can play. Let's say you're on the sideline watching this new guy. And he's hooping too. And people in the gym are starting to say he's better than you. Got more game than you do. That's when you begin hating. "His shot ain't even that nice. He can't go left. He's goofy looking"...blah blah blah. All hater's comments. J Lee doesn't possess hater's comments. You know WHY? Because I'm too busy worried about what the f*** I'm doing to care about what you're doing. If you're shining, good for you. If you're failing, sorry for ya. I'll help if I can. But I'll never hate on you. Never. Now don't get me wrong, I don't like a lot of people and I don't like a lot of things. But I can explain clearly why I don't like those things and they will have nothing to do with personal reasons. If I HATE you on the basketball court, but you got game, I'll say that exact same thing to you. "Dog, I really can't stand you...but you can hoop. You wanna run next?". Real talk.

In a nut shell, if you've got haters, I want you to do something for me. Go up to them and shake their hand. Maybe even buy 'em a cup of coffee at Starbuck's. I've decided that a lot of haters brew at Starbuck's. Get it? Haters brew? Anyway...I want you to thank them. And be sincere. Because if they're hating on you, you must be doing something right.

J Lee
"Keep hate alive"
-CEO of Haters Anonymous

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Here we go...

I don't know about ya'll, but I'm ready. And if you don't put your bid in now, I might just take all the shine for 2006 'cause I'm planning my work and working my plan. I don't do new years resolutions because I'm always setting goals. Not just at the first of the year but ALL year. And then I go back and read over them to see if I reached any of them. And if I do, I set some more. If I don't, I have a temper tantrum and slap people. Nah not really...but I do get upset.

For New Years, I went to Vegas and met up with my old friends from St. Louis. These are the cats that I grew up with (see "Thank you, and you" blog) and we had a blast. Kicked it and brought in the New Year with a bang. But now it's time to turn on the hustla music and throw the "H" up.

"Baby you gotta know that I'm just out here doin' what I gotta do for me and you
and we eatin, so ***** why the **** is you trippin'
I'm takin these chances,
my head to the sky, my feet on the ground, my finger to the judge if the money don't move
and I won't budge won't budge. No I won't budge won't budge."
-Lil Weezy

"I'm talented, that means I got talent kid"
-J Keyz

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