Tuesday, October 18, 2005

PHAT ALBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, first of all, I would like to say that ALBERT PUJOLS is CLUTCH! Top of the 9th, 2 outs, 1 out away from MISSING THE WORLD SERIES, down by 2, and ALBERT blasts a 3 run homer out to right field! Man, it shut the entire houston stadium up. I was in the Phoenix airport at the time (flying home from St. Louis) and went crazy. I was giving people high fives, chest bumps and all. You would have thought I hit the homer.
That's clutch baby. That's hitting the last shot before the buzzer sounds, that's sliding into your house just before curfew. That's...well you get it.

Now, on to other news in the crazy world of J Lee. I HATE liars. hate 'em. Wish I could line them all up in a row, and slap each and every one of them in the face. And then go BACK down the line, and slap them again with the back of my hand. I'm dealing with someone right now, who is just a flat out liar. It's one thing to bend the truth. Or even lie, but once you're caught, at least give up. No. This cat will lie right to your face, and KNOW he's wrong. I'm just waiting for his nose to start growing. Then I'll slap that too. But it's all good. Because one monkey don't stop the show. And yes, it's a minor set back to J that this liar is holding up some very important things for me, but it's all good. 'Cause when I look back at it, I'm clutch. I might strike out for 8 straight innings. But when it COUNTs, I'm hitting that bitch over the FENCE! Ya undadig?

Now, if you are an actor/musician/writer just starting out, you need to read this. Never, NEVER do any work without knowing exactly what you are getting paid. Make sure you double check your written contract BEFORE work begins. Not after. Make sure everything is 'A okay' and then make it happen. But you must always watch your back out here. Because there are sharks. And sharks have teeth. Real sharp teeth. Anyway, point being, make sure you watch yourself and don't get played by people who try to get over on you.

Friday, October 07, 2005


"I'll be there in 5 minutes, Five hours later...I'll be there in 5 minutes"
-Kanye West

I'm going back to St. Louis next weekend. It's been too long since I've been back to visit my family. I won't be able to go back for Christmas or Thanksgiving, so this is kind of like my holiday vacation. My nephew Darreon has his big homecoming football game that Friday. It's funny, cause it feels like yesterday I was back at that same school dancing in a circle and copping feels with my date in the gymnasium. Darreon...that dude i's like my son/brother and I want to show him some support. James, his little brother and my other nephew, will be there before I know it. And I'll be that guy, calling the school, checking up on him, going back for HIS big game/concert/showcase/whatever it is. I'll be there.

Today is also my Dad's birthday. October 7th. My pops has seen a lot in his years. He's from Arkansas. I get my 'gift of gab' and my persistent nature from my mom, but I get my laid back, nonchalant, cool ass walk from my dad. I am a perfect mix of my parents. It's damn near scary. But this blog is for my dad.

My dad lived in the city of St. Louis, north side. My mom moved us out to the county where she thought I could get a better education. My pops never liked the county, but he moved anyway. After a while, things just didn't work out and he went back to the city. But I would still see him every weekend. And now that I'm an adult, I can honestly attribute my love for film to my dad. He'd pick me up Saturday morning in his Ford Crowne Victoria. Dark blue leather seats with the pine tree smell. If I wore shorts in the summer, those damn seats would burn my legs. We would go straight to a movie. We watched a movie a week. Action, drama, comedies, it didn't matter. I just loved the movies. Then afterwards, we'd go to Hardees and get a box of fried chicken. Some you probably don't remember when Hardees used to sell fried chicken. And one Saturday, my dad taught me something I'd never forget. He used to give me a $20 bill for the food. And of course, there was always change. I'd give him his change back, and he'd immediately say "keep it". After 3 or 4 weeks of this, one day I came back and didn't offer him any change. I just knew he was going to say "keep it". Instead, my dad said "where's my change?" As I slowly took his money out of my pocket, I said ."Well, aren't you going to give it to me anyway?" He simply replied "That's not your money. If I want to give it to you, then I will. But don't just expect it". I said "please dad, can't I just have the money..." And he cut me off by saying "Don't beg. Never beg for anything" And that was that. I don't even know if he was trying to teach me a lesson. But he did. My dad might not be the most educated man, bookwise, but he knew a lot. He knew enough to know that if you ask somebody for something, and they say no, then you find another way to get it. Not take no for an answer.

So today is his b-day. I'll see him next week when I get in town, and maybe we'll go out and see a movie and eat some fried chicken. This time, it's on me. And next time, hopefully the next movie we see together will be starring me.

J Lee

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