Monday, September 26, 2005

Thank You, and You, and YOU

This isn't really a blog, but more of a shot out list for all of the people that have showed me love throughout my life and career. If I forget somebody, it wasn't on purpose.

First, I gotta say thanks to God for even letting me walk on this earth. He has given me drive and talent and I just hope I do everything I can with them.

My moms. I don't think I could ask for a better mom. She brought me up tough but has always been in my corner. If you know me, I get my stubborness and my drive from her. I started piano lessons at the age of 3, and between 3-18 my mother never missed a lesson. Even when I got my license and started driving, she still drove me. Sat in the other room, and listened to every note. That's support.

Sister Alice. My high school piano teacher. She is a nun at The Sisters Of Loretto Convent in St. Louis and basically like my second mother. When I went went away to college who was in the van? Me, my mom....and Sister Alice.

My family. Pop, Becky, Damonte, Loretta, Darreon, James, Neimen, Jayar and Corwin, uncle Turtle, Dale, Diddy, Donny and the rest of the Jackson Family. And to all of my family members that have passed away. I know you're still looking out for me.

My boys. The cats I used to run wild with when I was a youngster. Man, sometimes I think back at some of the stuff we used to do, and I can't believe it. Evan, Gary, Dee, Kev, K.O., Neimen (again), Brandon. Everybody from the 314 and 636. The Lankfords. Don't know how I would have graduated without them. Mr. Fields, for teaching me a lot about life and not even knowing it. All my hoopers back at the Pointe and Holloway. Miss running the courts. Tom - all time leading scorer at the pointe, John - ugliest 3 pointer, Toby - self proclaimed veteran, and the rest. Also, Gary your sister. Man, she was FINE! I can't lie, we used to all love spending the night over at your crib. John Zeibelman AKA Powder. If anybody knows powder, I guarantee you're smiling right now. Carolyn Carr, who started "The Friends of Jason Lee" fund. They funded all of my trips when I had to compete or perform.

My Booski, Carrie. She's been with me through the good and the bad. From college at IU to LA. She's been in my corner and besides my mom, is the most supportive of my life. I'm blessed to have you in my life.

My bruhs. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Gamma Eta chapter. But particularly R.E.D.E.M.P.T.I.O.N. We all wen through the trenches together and came out on top. Kevin, Brandon, Marshawn, and Joel. To my older bruhs, Jon B, Mike B, Al, Eric, Big Reg, Shorty...I learned a lot from you cats. You represented what Alpha was all about. Everybody else from 4 E.L.E.M.E.N.T.S to T.E.S.T.I.M.O.N.Y. Hold high the light.

540!! The best roomates I could ask for. Jamie, Marcus, and Joel. Better known as the moolies. Mook Bailey, Mookus, and Joelseph Mookthiri. Love ya'll dudes. 540 Enterprises on the rise. Like Jamie used to say "the boat is sailing, ya'll better get on board.". And my favorite "We're making a recipe for Cheesecake. Cheese - cake"

Vianney high school. Even though I hated being at school half of the time, I still have to show love to the people who made the school bareable. I think I got into 3 fights in my first 2 years of school. Coach Mohr, Coach Ripplinger, Coach Walsh (both of 'em) Mr. Farrel, Mr. Neyer (who's classed I somehow slacked in the most. Band class. Ironic huh. Sorry)and Mr. Rhame (who helped me want to be an actor). All my old track and basketball teamates. Soon as I get some money, Vianney is getting a new auditorium, hurdles and some new scholarships for minority students. Get my picture ready for that hall of fame.

My roomate Badal. AKA Biddy Bad Ass. Hollywood, watch out for this man to be a major star. Bad boys for life. My LA friends and family who have been cool with me since I got here. Jillian, Jennifer, Lauretha, Dave Neustadter who actually convinced me that I was a writer. My acting coach Stuart Robinson. The entire Family Guy staff. Seth, Chris, Alex, Mike Henry, Barker, and Weitzman. Fusfeld...holla at your boy. My consultant K Biggs. Get your cane ready for the Oscars. Spence, Shawn "What the f*** did you just say" Lo Faz, K Peezy, Krentzshaw, and the newest addition to the family guy family Alexandra AKA - AJ. Barrios, who hooked up my demo reel. Hollywood, Mike D! Peanut Butter and J Lee. It's not over yet Mike. Ant Banks, Edu, also known as Denzel Washington's stunt double. McKenna, Natch and all my other poker buddies. I'm just getting ready for celebrity poker. My writing partner, Tom AKA Tommy Bahamy, AKA Rex Chapman. Go see Medusa. Katie B and Kyle for reading my blog regularly.

And anybody else that has met me and believes in me as much as I do. What else could I ask for. Thanks. If I forgot you, blame my head not my heart.

J Lee.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Things are never so bad that they can't be worse, and never so good that they can't be better.
My mom told me that.

Now now now now now. I want my stuff now. I want rewards now. Pay me, cast me, buy my scripts, listen to my Sometimes, the stuff you work for doesn't pay off until later on. Around the corner. But we can't see what's around the corner. All we can do is keep on doing what we do. And when we do get around the corner, which we will, you have to breath easy and enjoy it. Because once you round one corner, you'll already be thinking about what's around the next.

"show me a satisfied man, and I'll show you a failure"

Sometimes I feel I'm not doing enough, or that I could be doing better. But you know what, that's okay. Because complacency isn't an option in my book. I feel I can always be doing better. There are 24 hours in a day, and that's the same amount of time every other great person in this world has.

"I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have."
- Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

Anyway, I guess I kind of went off on a tangent.

In other news, I just got back new headshots and postcards. And 'luckily' for me =) , a co-worker of mine helped me out with my demo reel. So now I'm going to send off another huge mailing. Throw some bait into the water and see who bites. But it's good bait, not that fake gummy worm bait, nah. I'm throwing out crusted chicken romano with shrimp and basil. And wine. Good bait. People should bite that. BITE MY BAIT! hahaha

All you gotta do is get on board. J Lee's ship is sailing, with or without half of the people in this industry. But, if I were them, I'd get on board now. Cause stock is at the lowest it's ever gonna be for J Lee.

I know I talk a lot of ish, but I expect a lot of ish. My mom used to tell me, 'claim it'. If you want something in life, claim it. And tell yourself everyday. Remind yourself of that goal, and I gurantee you'll reach it. Claim it. Plant your seed, and water it everyday. It'll grow. And if it doesn't, stomp that bitch out and plant another one.

I'm OUT!
J Lee

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


You know what I hate? I hate the question..."what do you do". In LA, you are BOUND to hear that question all of the time. And it's such a weird question. You meet somebody in a bar or club or restaurant, and one of the first questions they ask you is what do you do. Coming from St. Louis, when you met somebody, it didn't matter what they did. If you were cool, then you were cool. It didn't matter what your profession was. But here, people need other people to succeed. And I wish relationships and friendships were always built on basic principles...but really it's about what can that person do for you.

Anyway, for me that question is hard to answer. I moved to LA to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. I am an actor, writer, musician, producer, how do I answer that question. I can't really put what I do into one category. Why should I? If you are talented at more than one thing, why not go for them all. "Never be limited by your circumstances, only by your imagination." My mother used to tell me that all of the time. And you know what...I believed her. I use to always wonder how I would combine all of my talents. But now that I live in LA, and have been here, I realize that my greater talent is not just acting, or music or whatever. It's creating and entertaining.

So when somebody asks me, "what do I do" ...I figure the easiest way to answer that is "I'm talking to you. What do you do?"
Point of the story, think big. Don't limit yourself. You can do whatever you want to do in life, all you gotta do is plan your work and work your plan. Holla


Shot out to the brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha, Gamma Eta Chapter

#2 Frosty
Fall '00

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The show I work for, Family Guy, plays in this entertainment softball league every year. I play. I'm an infielder - second base, shortstop. Ya know. And we got our butts whooped yesterday and I realized, even in soft pitch softball, I hate losing. The other team was talking trash too.
I'm a real competitive cat. And once this other team started talking crazy, it kinda bothered me. Can you believe that? I was ready to charge the mound, cause their pitcher was striking our players out.

I don't know what I'm talking about. I need to get some post-cards made up and send that out with my demo reel. Stop playing with this industry and go ahead and take it over. Yep.
That's it people. Nothing more, nothing less. Just need to make it happen.


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