Friday, July 29, 2005

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If there's one thing that I can't stand in would have to be that I hate being misunderstood. Hate is an understatement. It tears up my insides. I can't function. I feel I am the type of person who always, looks out for others. I'm not perfect by any means, but I feel I do a pretty decent job of thinking of others. Where I fall into problems, is I think of TOO many others. And somehow at the end of the day, instead of J Lee making everybody happy, J Lee falls short.
Example: Let's say my boy Gary (G Pheezy, St. Louis for life ) wants to go play basketball at 6pm. Now, let's say I get a call from my boy Dee (also St. Louis for life) , who wants to go out for dinner at like..7:30pm. Instead of saying either a) G, can't play ball today. I have something to do. Or b) Dee, I can't go to dinner, because I have something to do. I to try and make everybody happy. I tell Gary, alright. I'll hoop. But in my mind, I'm like, I can only hoop for 45 minutes. (which is never enough time). Then I tell Dee that I can meet him for dinner at 7:30. (which in reality, I'll be about 15 minutes late.) I go play ball, end up running over, because we keep winning and I don't want to mess up the team. But I still leave early, and Gary's like "well why'd you come if you were only going to stay for 3 games?" I leave, rush home to shower. (It's 7:25pm now) and then rush to the restaurant to meet D. Get there at 7:47pm, and he's like..."what took you so long? If you couldn't come at 7:30pm, you should have told me". Then at the end of the night, I reflect back on where the night went wrong.
But I realized, it's impossible to make everybody happy. Sometimes I think it's nothing but irnoy, that I am an actor, and I care so much about how I'm portrayed. But the media controls that, so I will have no real strong hand in how I'm understood..or misunderstood. I'll be undermistood,
Moral of the story...i dunno. Just had a looong day and wanted to vent. Holla.

J Lee...out!

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Monday, July 25, 2005

Hustle and Flow

I went to see Hustle and Flow this past weekend. First, let me say, that Terrance Howard may be one of the most underrated actors out there. He's been doing his thing for years. Over 15 of 'em. 15 years, and he's just now getting the recognition he deserves. Ask yourself. Could you do something for 15 years, without getting proper recognition? 15 years, knowing that you're getting passed over for promotions you deserve...raises you deserve...? A lot of people couldn't.
That's heart. That's guts. That's talent. I read an article with him in it the other day, and he said ""...I work to pay the bills, not to listen to the hype. I've been the next big thing in this business for a few years. It's funny to me when I hear it now, because I know the way it works. I'm not confused."

That's a man who knew his ship was gonna come in. Now, you can't FIND a movie trailor without T.H. in it. And not only that, but quality films. Much props to my man, cause 15 years is a long time, to average 25 ppg, 8 rebounds, and 6 assists, and never be voted to an all star game.

Holla at your boy, and you might have to holla loud...'cause I think I hear a ship coming.

J Lee

Monday, July 18, 2005

Passion Of The Craft

If you sat down and thought about it...why would anybody want to get into the entertainment industry? There are way more actors/writers/producers than there are jobs. The time between jobs is often so long, that most of us have to go on unemployment. With SAG having roughly 100,000 members, only about 50 are considered stars? Now, after processing all that info, you have to ask yourself...WHY? Well, I'll give you my opinion and tell you what I think, 'cause this is my blog and I can do that.

1) People just want to be on TV. Everyone wants to be accepted, recognized, and liked. So what better way to be accepted, recognized, and liked, than to go through a medium that reaches the masses. You see it when you watch news or sports anchors give live reports, and everybody in the background crowds around him/her just to get on TV. That's why these reality shows are so popular. BUT...people are coming to LA and leaving LA by the bus loads.

A quote that really helps me is...'status is often the enemy to success'...follow me?

2) Passion. If you're passionate about something, you'll do whatever it takes to accomplish your goal. And I'm not talking about really liking something. Nah, I'm talking about having something deep down in your gut, in your being. Like, this thirst you have will never be quenched until you have done this one passionate thing. And when you're that passionate about something, then you take statistics, and probabilty and all those other warnings, and you throw them out of the window. Because you don't give a shit about that. All you care about is accomplishing that goal. That's passion.

So, my passion is acting. passion is bigger than that. My calling is bigger than that. I am an entertainer. Be it acting, writing, music, producing, directing...I am here to entertain people. And that is what I will do. And I will not stop, until that thirst has been quenched. So be entertained by this blog damnit. 'Cause I'm thirsty.

-I'm J Lee and I approve this message.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Back At It

So I'm BACK in LA from a small little vacation. I traveled to Indianapolis and made a stop through my hometown St. Louis. Saw the family and old friends. MAN, I tell you, it feels good to be back around people who really know and appreciate you. But being away, I came to the conclusion that time moves faster in LA. It is a proven, J Lee scientific fact. I was gone for a week - midwest time, and it felt like a month - LA time. I just knew, I missed 100 auditions for 100 films that I would have won 100 awards for.
But it's all good, cause J Lee, AKA The Next Big Thing In Hollywood, is back and on the grind once again. I've been doing some reasearch, and I think the next thing I will tackle are these casting director workshops. much to do, so much to do. Holla at your BOY!

"I'm out here on the grind, trying to get a lil change, my hustlas in the street trying to get a lil fame..."

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